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4-Part Summer Ready Workout Series: Glutes

4-Part Summer Ready Workout Series: Glutes

The lower body can be the toughest place for some folks to get fit. It’s also one of the areas that’s easiest to injure, because so many lower-body workouts are high-impact, and can lead to knee and hip pain if you don’t perform them correctly.

In our fourth and final summer-inspired workout post, Clarence Hairston, Fitness Manager from Bay Club SF Tennis, guided us through a glute and quad workout that made everything (even sitting) feel sore the next day. If you’re looking to tone your glutes, thighs, and quads with a safe circuit, this lower-body workout is for you!

Clarence’s tip: Protect your knees by not letting them splay out or bend inward. They should remain pointing straight ahead, over your toes.

The Workout

12 reps of Alternating Squats (6 to the left and 6 to the right) | Repeat for 3 sets

10 reps of Reverse Lunges (alternating between both legs) | Repeat for 4 sets

10 reps of Glute Bridges | Repeat for 3 sets

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