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The Best of One Lombard in 2017

The Best of One Lombard in 2017

Just like everyone else, we’re spending a little time reflecting on the past year at the Bay Club. And as we say our goodbyes to 2017, we look back on all of the features here on One Lombard that inspired you. From a brand new healthy smoothie menu, to the grand opening of Café Vida at not one, but two locations—2017 has been a year full of #bayclubhappy moments. Here are your top 10 most-read features of the year!

We Went Bananas Over New Smoothies

Introducing Our All-New Smoothie Lineup

We welcomed 2017 with a host of brand-new fitness classes, like The Drop and The Battle, and popular training programs, like NC Fit. So it was only natural that we started brainstorming what was next—and what could go better with an awesome workout than a power-packed smoothie? We’re excited to bring you an all-new smoothie menu at Bay Club Cafes, with recipes to refuel, refresh, and rehydrate. With protein-focused options, like the Greek Berry, and plenty of greens and fresh produce in the Green Energy, you’ll find whatever your tired muscles (and hungry belly) need after a workout.

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We Sunbathed (Safely!)

The Facts: 5 Sunscreen Myths Debunked

In honor of May being National Skin Cancer Prevention Month, and with all those sunny days on the way this summer, there couldn’t be a better time to bust some skincare myths. From the truth about sunscreen, to revealing the real deal about skin protection, we’re covering everything you need to know to practice responsible skincare measures. Trust us, your beautiful (though maybe slightly paler) skin will thank you for it down the road!

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We Found Adventure in Hawaii

Our 5 Favorite Maui Must-Do’s

As Californians, we’re lucky to have Maui, one of the most sought-after island destinations, just a short plane ride away. Maui is special for so many reasons, from its iconic laid-back island lifestyle, to its sprawling surf, to its lush peaks—so it was only a matter of time until we decided we had to share in this little slice of island heaven. When we partnered with the classic Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, we knew it would allow our Bay Club community to visit a truly special place. We gathered our top five favorite Maui adventures, in case you needed any more enticement (though you probably didn’t), to experience this gorgeous place for yourself.

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We Looked Forward to Sweater Weather

We don’t like to play favorites when it comes to seasonal fashion, but if we’re honest, fall is the best season for dressing festively. So continuing the theme of using one item in different ways, we chose a Michael Stars Long Grey Cardigan to style three ways paired with essentials you can find at The Shop. We love that this sweater is a classic staple that fits any occasion, and it will keep you cozy and chic, no matter where the season takes you.

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We Took a Twist on Apple Cider

Mix it Up: 2 Festive Takes on Classic Apple Cider

When the day turns dark at 4:50 pm, rain clouds loom on the horizon, and November disappears into December, you know it’s time to break out that classic winter beverage, apple cider. Especially, when you have a plethora of apples on hand, like we do.

This year, we’re putting two spins on this traditional hot beverage: An even more spiced up Cider Chai for chilly days, and a refreshing Cider Sangria—because sometimes there are days when California just doesn’t do winter. 

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We Went Back in Time

Fashion Fitness Trends

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary this year, we decided to take a trip down memory lane—and with over four decades behind us, there are a whole lot of memories and moments to remember! Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen trends and changes in so many parts of the Bay Club, and one of the most fun to relive are those in fitness and group exercise.

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We Stretched and Strengthened

You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of a good yoga practice. In fact, many of the people who benefit most from yoga are actually more into other high-impact sports—and yoga becomes their way to prevent injury and perform better.

With all the stretching, strengthening, and alignment work in yoga, it’s a fantastic way for athletes to address specific parts of the body that are prone to injury in their sport. Toss out that Tylenol, because yoga is one of the best preventative health measures around!

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We Hiked California

Trek On: Our Favorite Hikes in SoCal

With perfect weather year-round, Southern California is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. We’re lucky enough to have expanded our community to the charming, sunny neighborhoods of Southern California, and we love finding any excuse to get out and get active in the neighborhoods we call home.

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We Opened Café Vida

In Pictures: Café Vida Grand Opening

We couldn’t think of a better weekend to celebrate the opening of Café Vida at Bay Club Carmel Valley than Cinco de Mayo weekend! The kick-off of this new café started with a full-on fiesta on Friday night, complete with live music, dancing, and of course, the healthy, Latin-inspired bites from Café Vida. Then the fun continued with a family-friendly affair on Saturday where the kiddos were treated to a petting zoo and plenty of games, including a watermelon-eating contest!

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We Got Fit with Our Members

If you’re looking for a motivating, feel-good story, we’ve got just the read for you. At the Bay Club, we’re constantly inspired by the members of our community. From your contribution to great causes, to your commitment to reaching personal goals, it’s incredibly rewarding to be a place where so many people come to find happiness, improve their health, and find the best version of themselves.

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Have suggestions for 2018? We’d love to hear ’em! Whether it’s a workout question, heart-warming story, or lifestyle idea, write us a comment!

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