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Star(t) Your Year Off Right

Star(t) Your Year Off Right

It’s that time of year—when we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. And what’s the best way to wrap up a year? Well, with a DIY of course! Reach for the stars and welcome 2019 with this New Year’s headband—it’s the perfect accessory for a fancy occasion, or to dress up a cozy night at home.

Tools needed:

  • Plain plastic headband
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brush
  • Gold glitter
  • Gold pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Weighted paper or poster board
  • Gold twine


1. Paint the headband gold, then sprinkle on the gold glitter. Set aside and let it dry completely.

2. While the headband dries, cut out stars from the poster board. We made four small stars, and three larger ones.

3. Paint the stars gold, then sprinkle the glitter on them. Set aside and let them dry.

4. Use two pipe cleaners to create two arches, one on top of the other.

5. Attach the stars to the pipe cleaners using a hot glue gun. (We used the three larger stars on the bottom pipe cleaner, and the smaller ones on the higher one.)

6. Using a small piece of twine, attached the pipe cleaners to the headband. You could also use the hot glue gun if you don’t have gold twine handy.

Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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