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Simplify Your Workout: Kettlebell

Simplify Your Workout: Kettlebell

Workouts don’t need to be complicated. Sometimes you just need a single piece of equipment and a little bit of knowledge to get the full-body exercise you need. So, we’ve created a series of workouts using just one piece of equipment so you can simplify your next sweat sesh.

Up this week: The kettlebell, a versatile must-have that will help you hit your fitness goals without the fuss. We talked to Bay Club rockstar, Clarence Hairston, about his favorite full-body workout using only kettlebells. Check out these three results-oriented exercises that will make you a believer in simple and effective workouts.

Kettlebell Push-Up to a Bent Over Row | 10 Reps x 4 Sets
During this exercise, you will be working the chest, triceps and back muscles (lats, shoulders, and delts). Be sure to choose a moderate weight that you can do a bent over row with, but something sturdy enough to hold your body weight for the push-up. An alternate move would also be to place your hands on the ground for the push-up and just use the kettlebells for the row.

Kettlebell Squat to Single Arm Press | 10 Reps x 4 Sets (alternating left and right)
This series of two moves will work your legs and glutes during the squat, and your shoulders and traps during the press. Be sure to drive your knees out and keep your feet flat on the ground during the squat and drive your heels into the ground each time you press the weight up, standing nice and tall.

Deadlift with Upright Row | 10 Reps x 4 Sets 
The key to an effective deadlift is a flat back and a nice pull in the hamstring muscles. Use proper form for the deadlift, and squeeze your glutes to power your body upright before completing the upright row. You should feel the work in your legs and your shoulders here, not your lower back.

Look out for more simple workouts using a single piece of equipment on the blog soon, and find more workouts from Clarence using just a kettlebell on our Instagram.

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