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Donate to the Sunflower Wellness Fund Now!

Donate to the Sunflower Wellness Fund Now!

The Bay Club is proud to support Sunflower Wellness, an organization that helps cancer patients in various stages of treatment and recovery find strength through exercise. Founded by Regan Fredric and Jane Clark, Sunflower Wellness gives cancer patients access to different forms of workouts, including Pilates, yoga, and aqua aerobics taught by skilled and dedicated instructors.

From now until October 31, please join us in donating to the Sunflower Wellness Fund. Whether it be $10 or $1,000, we are appreciative of your efforts—so much so that the Bay Club is matching every donation, up to $100,000. For each dollar amount donated, we’re giving the same amount to Sunflower Wellness, so if you’re offering $100, with our match, $200 will actually be donated.

In giving back to the fitness trainers, wellness activists, and strong survivors, we can ensure that Sunflower Wellness continues to thrive for years to come. To donate, click here.



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