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Episode 22: Resuming Operations | Golf Mini Episode

Episode 22: Resuming Operations | Golf Mini Episode

We’re thrilled to bring you our first of three Mini Episodes of What Lies Ahead. Our hosts Matthew Stevens, CEO, and Annie Appel, Senior EVP, are spending 10 to 20 minutes each day diving into a specific amenity or department as we begin to resume our services. In today’s Mini Episode, they’ll review the Golf Set-Up and Social Distancing SOP, which was sent to our Club West Sapphire, Diamond, and Platinum members on Monday, May 4 in preparation for our first rounds on Tuesday, May 5. 

The courses are in phenomenal shape and we cannot wait to welcome our first members back to the golf courses throughout this week and continue to prepare for additional services to resume. As always, there is more to come, so we’d love to hear your feedback athenewnormal@bayclubs.com. 

In This Episode

  • Tee Times & Driving Range Access (2:42)
  • Arriving at the Clubhouse (7:55)
  • On-Course Adjustments for Safe Play (11:40)

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