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Episode 16: An Update from Our North Bay Region

Episode 16: An Update from Our North Bay Region

After discussing our plans to safely restore club services with Bay Club leaders and members up and down the West Coast over the last week, we finally arrive at our North Bay region. In this installment of What Lies Ahead, you’ll hear details on cleanliness, physical distancing, and operational protocols as we prepare our clubs to welcome back our Marin and San Francisco members.

We appreciate the dialogue and input from today’s wonderful members, Nancy, Bobby, Paris, and Peter. Thank you for joining us. And we’d love to hear feedback from other members in this region—please contact us with your questions, comments, and feedback at thenewnormal@bayclubs.com.

In This Episode

  • A member perspective on opening our clubs (7:12)
  • Bringing back tennis operations in a safe and controlled environment, plus an update on Bay Club SF Tennis (11:02)
  • Details of the safety and cleanliness best practices we’ve been finalizing and upcoming communication to members (14:00)
  • Maintaining your Bay Club experience while adhering to physical distancing guidelines (16:48)
  • An update on the concierge reservation system we’ve been working on (21:45)
  • Thoughts on restoring our golf operations, including practice facilities (23:50)
  • Hear what we’re thankful for and some local businesses we’re supporting—including a couple of good causes! (27:52)

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  • Debbie Griffin  |  April 22, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    My husband & I have been Oregon members for 19 years coming this July. We both utilize the club 5-7 days a week.

    I am a member of the Advisory Board and want to be as involved and beneficial at this stage of the preparations for the opening of the Phase 2 Essential Business; Bay Club. I listen to the Episodes daily and am thankful for this informative discussion.

    I would like to be involved as much as possible from a member viewpoint as preparations are made to rollout the “New Bay Club”. I am fortunate to have talked with both Jason and Michael about what needs to be done to prepare the club for opening as a Phase 2 Essential Business. Although the changes to the club have not been made overnight, progress is being made thanks to the staff and the impressive management team.

    Many members are busy working from home and/or educating their children. I know of several that do not take the time to listen to the Episodes or even read the daily emails. Communication is critical to all members. How do we draw them in?

    Have you heard similar concerns from other members? I’d be happy to be involved in brainstorming ways to draw more members in. When we are ready to open the “New Bay Club” we need members to be ready and prepared for what it will look like.

    Things that come to mind: catchy topic tag lines in the emails that draw the member to take time and check them out, draw them to the Bay Club Connect site, and make them aware of their club specific Facebook Group… The last thing we want, as an example, is a member to go to their club and not have heard about online reservations for equipment and for classes. Those that do not listen to or read the Daily discussion series summary will be frustrated.

    My background includes project management which explains my list of ideas below.

    Once we brainstorm how to bring members to the club’s website, I would like to suggest we post:
    Registration process for equipment usage
    Registration process for classes
    Registration process for tennis (what will tennis look like?)
    Registration process for golf (what will golf look like?)
    Registration process for family usage of golf course spaces (what will this look
    List of WHERE continuing online class offerings can be found (i.e. Zoom, Facebook
    Live, Instagram Live…- include examples of the classes)
    What will the parking lot look like
    How many people will be allowed in the club at a time (varies by club based on
    square footage)
    How long should I expect to wait to enter the club
    What will the check-in process look like
    What are the new locker room procedures
    Can I shower at my club
    Will childcare be available

    The lists go on and on and should be brainstormed and put together in postings everywhere possible in order to reach as many members as possible.

    The daily episodes have been great at sharing much of the overview of these items I have raised, but we need concise lists/postings of things like what I have raised above.

    PHOTOS (even though the clubs are not 100% ready) – it will be helpful for members to have a visual of what the club will look like.
    Plexiglass at Check In
    One entrance and another exit (how are members lead to each)
    Where will my exercise equipment, rowing machines, treadmills, ellipticals . . . be
    found. Show spacing of the equipment!
    A view of the 8 X 8 area in the weight room, with markings of the space
    A look at the locker room and how members will know what lockers, bathrooms,
    showers they can use

    I appreciate the work that has gone into the daily episodes. I know too many people that do not take the time to get involved and watch them. This also means many don’t know the timeline Bay Club is working towards opening clubs.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work Bay Club management. You are doing an amazing job working towards being approved as a Phase 2 Essential Service with approved social distancing and controls in place to meet all safety requirements. I am proud to be a member of Bay Club Oregon and the entire Bay Club organization.

    Just my brief brainstorming. Feel free to take it or leave it. Have a great day. You all rock!

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