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Instructor Spotlight: Esmey Leon

Instructor Spotlight: Esmey Leon

Esmey Leon grew up in a tiny town in Oregon, but found her calling as a fitness instructor when she moved to Los Angeles at age 21. At the Bay Club Santa Monica, Leon teaches a variety of classes including The Battle, BOSU-Body Shred, and Cycling. She loves the “the connection and feeling the energy of so many badass people coming together” and believes that “group fitness really is pure magic!” She’s very selective when it comes to her playlists and makes sure that her musical selections are moving. She hopes to inspire you during classes and is grateful when “a  student comes up to me after class, and tells me that something I said during the cool down mediation really moved them. Or when they confess they were not able to do this or that, but that after taking my class they were finally about to do a certain move. These things always touch my heart and inspire me greatly.” In her spare time, Leon hosts a podcast, Wake Up Naked, that is available on iTunes.

Music that gets her moving: “I like a little bit of everything, but definitely lean towards hip-hop and top pop songs, but they must have a good beat.  I am also a huge fan of remixes of well-known songs and old-school songs.”

How she starts her day: “Every single day I start by making a list of 10 things I am thankful for. I write it down and then repeat them out loud, so that they can really sink into my heart. Sure, there are days that I may miss, but I just hop right back on the horse, and stay consistent in my practice of appreciation.”

Biggest indulgence: “I can have crazy sweet cravings! I love carrot cake! I am also a huge carb lover. I love a good bagel!  For the most part, I burn a ton of calories, so I can get away with some of it, but I like to keep the junk food under control, so my mind can be sharper.”

Favorite quote: “That which you seek is seeking you.”

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