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What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

When it comes to fitness, we know there is strength in numbers—having a partner, a small possy, or even a whole tribe to exercise with makes fitness more fun and more effective. It’s why our community loves our group workout classes! But if you’re looking for a tailored fitness plan that you probably won’t get from a big class, working with a personal trainer is your best bet at achieving your goals.

A personal trainer provides accountability, a custom exercise program, coaching and motivation—all in one! And the best part about a personal trainer (besides the fact that you have someone to answer to if you sleep through your 6:00 am alarm) is that you can personalize your sessions to reach your goals.

So what do you look for in a personal trainer? How do you know you’ve found your right match?

Choose a Trainer with Experience to Match Your Goal
Are you interested in losing weight? You’ll want to work with a trainer who’s not only knowledgeable in exercise but also in nutrition. Want to exercise with an injury? Look for a trainer who focuses on form and also has some experience with physical therapy. Maybe you want to reach your personal best in a triathlon race this year…choose a trainer who also loves setting race goals. Taking the time to find a trainer who has a specialty that aligns with your goals is imperative to making sure you actually reach your goals!

Find a PT with a Compatible Training Style
If you love to push yourself and thrive on intensity, you’ll want a trainer who has a similar rigor. You don’t want to walk away from a session wishing you’d gotten more out of it (because let’s face it, this will bug you all day long!) If you prefer to take it slower (notice we didn’t say easier), then find a trainer who is open to modifications and prioritizes warm-ups and cool-downs.

Be Gear Heads Together!
On a similar note, it’s also great to find a trainer who likes to work with some of the same equipment as you do. If you love kettlebells, make sure you find a trainer who shares your passion for the kettlebell! If you’re more of a TRX person, find a trainer who couldn’t imagine a good session without your favorite strap contraption. Whether it’s free weights, hand gliders, exercise balls, or machines, we all have our go-to gear, and sharing an enthusiasm for it will make a session more fun for both of you.

Are those positive new years’ habits fizzling? Perhaps you’re losing motivation to stay in shape? Whatever your goals are, we have a trainer to help you reach them!

We’re happy to help you find the trainer who specializes in your area of interest. We have trainers who have helped members reach personal bests in marathons, prepare properly for race day, come back from an injury, or drop weight and add muscle. Click here to learn more about Personal Training at your club!

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