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Pod Squads: Your People. Your Camp. Your Way.

Pod Squads: Your People. Your Camp. Your Way.

We know your kids are missing their friends and a summer at the Bay Club is the perfect solution! On top of our other camp programs that your kids can join, we have a brand new option we know you’ll love—Pod Squads. 

It’s simple:

1. Grab your crew. Book your kid(s) and up to 11 of their friends, AND get a discount for signing up as a group.
2. Customize your camp. You choose the activities, whether that’s basketball, swimming, a yoga class for athletes, or tennis (the possibilities are endless!).
3. Let us do the rest. We’ll keep your kiddos and their friends entertained with fun activities, in a safe environment. 

Book your Pod Squad today by emailing camp@bayclubs.com. No Pod Squad? No worries! Find our camp offerings here.

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