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If You Like This, Try That: Smoothie Staples

If You Like This, Try That: Smoothie Staples

Now’s the perfect time to try some new healthy foods—and what better place to try than in our daily smoothies! We’re giving you some alternatives based on what you already like in your morning mix! Time to hit the farmers market!


If you like spinach, try swiss chard. While spinach is typically the go-to green base for most healthy smoothies, there are plenty of other green gems. One of our favorites? Swiss chard! It’s less fibrous and rough than raw kale, and it’s packed with vitamins K, C, and A, as well as potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Pro Tip: Swiss chard tends to be saltier and slightly bitter in taste, so pair it with coconut water or a splash of orange juice to offset this with some natural sweetness. Plus, this leafy green is especially good at stabilizing blood sugar levels, so no need to worry about adding a liquid that’s sweet.

If you like chia seeds, try hemp hearts. Perhaps you’ve been adding chia seeds to your smoothie for extra healthy fat. Hemp hearts are a tasty and healthy alternative to other seeds. They’re a plant-based protein that’s high in healthy fats, and they’re easy to sprinkle into smoothies, bowls, or even salads. All hail hemp hearts!

Pro Tip: Like any seed or nut, hemp hearts are great in moderation. Use measuring spoons to make portion control easier, and add two full tablespoons to your mix.


If you like bananas, try avocado. Often used to give some bulk and creaminess to a smoothie, bananas aren’t the only way to make your smoothie extra smooth. Avocados are a great banana substitute, and they have fewer calories, carbs, and more healthy omegas. So, bye, bye bananas.

Pro Tip: A little avo goes a long way. A quarter of one avocado will provide plenty of nutrients and texture. Throw in some ice, too, if you like your smoothies extra cold or a little crunchy.

If you like flaxseed, try oats. Oh, glorious oats. Instead of using flaxseed for fiber, sub some raw oats! Full of protein, digestible fiber, and no sugar, oats don’t have to be cooked in a bowl to be a delicious addition to a meal. Toss ¼ cup oats into your smoothie for a mix that’s hearty and healthy.

Pro Tip: If you’re gluten-free or sensitive to gluten, lots of brands now make raw oats that don’t have gluten. Just make sure the oats you use don’t have added sugar.

If you like yogurt, try pumpkin. Replace your usual yogurt with ½ cup pureed pumpkin. While pumpkin is best when in season, using high-quality pumpkin puree (not the pie filler kind!) in a can is just fine. Pumpkin is full of calcium, potassium, and copper, making it the perfect sweet and nutrient-rich addition to any smoothie. Pass the pumpkin, please.

Pro Tip: Pumpkin pairs well with all kinds of spices, and you might be surprised at how well they go in a smoothie! Try sprinkling in some metabolism-boosting cinnamon, ground nutmeg, or a pinch of cardamom. It’ll taste like autumn in a glass!

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