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Back to School: Watermelon Pencil Pouch

Back to School: Watermelon Pencil Pouch

We can’t believe summer is almost (un)officially over, and the little ones are on their way back to school. And we know that your little schooler wants the coolest supplies going back to school—so get them excited to start the school year with this one in a melon Watermelon DIY Pencil Pouch. Or gift it to your teachers as a welcome back to school gift—a little homemade gift never lowered anyone’s grades!

Watermelon Pencil Pouch DIY

Canvas pencil pouch, white or off-white
Acrylic paint in pink, green, black, and white
Washi tape
Paint brushes: small, medium, and large


Tape off the bottom 1.5 inches of the pouch. Paint the entire top section with the pink paint. Let the paint dry, then remove the piece of tape.

Repeat on the other side and along the edges (optional—you can just paint one side!)

Add another piece of tape across the pouch, 1/4 inch directly below where the first piece of tape was (into the unpainted side). The 1/4 inch that is covered with tape will not be painted.

Mix the green paint with some white to create a lighter green color. Paint the bottom area of the pouch with a lighter green. Let it dry.

Use darker green to paint green stripes vertically over the lighter green section of the pouch. Let the paint dry, then remove the piece of tape. Repeat on the other side (optional).

Use a small paintbrush to paint black “seeds” onto the pink area.

Let the pouch dry completely, then fill with pens, pencils and more!

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