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Episode 23: Resuming Operations | Tennis Mini Episode

Episode 23: Resuming Operations | Tennis Mini Episode

After an exciting few days with our golf courses reopening, we’re back with our next Mini Episode of What Lies Ahead. In today’s Mini Episode, Matthew Stevens, CEO, and Annie Appel, Senior EVP will review the Tennis Set-Up and Social Distancing SOP as we prepare to reopen our tennis courts. We have been huge advocates for reopening tennis during this time and are so excited to have our courts up and running as early as next week. 

The weather is warming up, and we cannot wait to welcome back our tennis members! We are so appreciative of the feedback we have received so far and hope to hear from more and more members, so please send us your thoughts athenewnormal@bayclubs.com. 

In This Episode

  • Member Update on Resuming Tennis Operations (1:30)
  • New Tennis Standard Operating Procedures for a Safe Member Experience (5:45)
  • Reservations and Arriving at the Club (8:18)
  • Expected Timeline for Getting Back on the Court (10:30)

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  • Janet  |  June 1, 2020 at 8:48 am

    I just have a question about what the current status is. The last “What Lies Ahead, a Discussion Series” was 8-MAY-2020 and today is 1-JUN-2020 and I would like to know when the pool might be opening in Santa Clara. When will the next update be posted? Just wondering, Janet

    • The Bay Club  |  June 1, 2020 at 10:46 am

      Hi Janet, thank you so much for your question. We will continue to send out Member communication of any additional opening and updates. Fingers crossed soon!

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