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Episode 19: Your Weekly South Bay Update

Episode 19: Your Weekly South Bay Update

After a great conversation yesterday with our Northern California East Bay and Portland leaders and members, we’re excited to hear today from our South Bay leaders and members in our San Jose, Santa Clara, and Peninsula campuses. During today’s episode of What Lies Ahead, you’ll hear more details around the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes, including the implementation of additional social distancing measures when it comes to the safety of our members in all key areas of the clubs.

A special thank you to members Brendan, Mohanjit, Jerry, and Amanda for joining us and contributing to our discussion. We’d love to hear feedback from other members in these regions—please contact us with your questions, comments, and feedback athenewnormal@bayclubs.com. 

In This Episode

  • A look behind the curtain at how we’re preparing for the new normal with social distancing and safety in mind (6:51)
  • Our thoughts specifically on pool use for lap swimmers and families (10:28)
  • What to expect when playing on our golf courses, from the use of bunker rakes to golf pins (13:20)
  • How we’re looking to partner with local restaurants at the clubs (18:08)
  • More discussion about our new reservation system for bookable club amenities (20:10)
  • An overview of the three phases of our plan to restore club services (27:50)
  • Hear what we’re thankful for and some local businesses we’re supporting! (32:00)

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