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Episode 15: An Update from Our South Bay Region

Episode 15: An Update from Our South Bay Region

You’ve heard from our Southern California region, as well as our Northern California East Bay and Portland regions over the last week, and now it’s time to hear the discussion from our South Bay region in Northern California. In this episode of What Lies Ahead, we’re featuring Bay Club leaders and members from our San Jose, Santa Clara, and Peninsula campuses to talk about adapting to a new Bay Club normal.

Thank you to the long-time members who joined us today, John, Tony, John, and Michael. We appreciate your support and dialogue. And we’d love to hear feedback from other members in this region—please contact us with your questions, comments, and feedback at thenewnormal@bayclubs.com.

In This Episode

  • A member perspective on opening our doors and supporting our community (9:12)
  • Ramping up our tennis operations with respect to social distancing and cleanliness (11:27)
  • Communication strategy to keep members informed of club updates and best practices (15:39)
  • How we’re working with local, state, and federal governments to restore our club services (19:34)
  • An update on golf-specific safety protocols (20:58)
  • Thoughts on adapting all social distancing and cleanliness protocols as new information becomes available (22:50)
  • Putting it all in perspective—and an exciting update from one of our Bay Club leaders in the Peninsula Campus! (25:18)
  • Ideas on staying flexible and continuing to innovate when it comes to using the clubs (31:04)
  • Hear what we’re thankful for and some local businesses we’re supporting—including ones owned by Bay Club members! (35:40)

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