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10 Days of Activities for your Kiddos: Day 6

10 Days of Activities for your Kiddos: Day 6

We’re giving you 10 days of activities for your little ones, from the preschoolers, to the older kids—with fun activities that we can participate in! Here’s Days 1, 2, and 34, and 5! And we’ve still got 5 more days of fun coming your way.

For our Littlest Members (Preschool)
This cardboard hopscotch gives kids the perfect excuse to hop and jump and move around when they’re cooped up inside. Teach kids are recycling by reusing cardboard food boxes, and showing them how we used to have fun!

For our Older Kiddos (School Age)
Pen Pals
Kids love making new friends, and with social distancing, a pen pal is a great solution with the added benefit of writing practice!

Additional Resources:
Nows a great time to learn something new. Here are videos for each letter to learn Sign Language for just a few minutes at a time.

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