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Plant-Based, Paleo, Healthy-Fat-Full….We’ve Got it All At Café Vida

Plant-Based, Paleo, Healthy-Fat-Full….We’ve Got it All At Café Vida

We love that one of the common denominators of our Bay Club community is an interest in living a healthy, active lifestyle. We all love to sweat a little, celebrate a lot, and live by healthy habits as often as we can—and one of the most integral components to a healthy life is good nutrition. The funny thing about nutrition is that we can all be “healthy eaters”…but eat totally different foods. Thanks to the abundance of nutrition research out there these days, people feel empowered and informed to find and live by the best food philosophy for them, whether it incorporates intermittent fasting, relies heavily on healthy fats, or focuses on plant-based fuel sources. And no matter how you eat to your best health, we try to support your efforts through our delicious offerings at Café Vida! Below we rounded up our favorite menu items that fit, or can be modified to, specific dietary preferences. Just think of it as our way of cutting out the guesswork for you the next time you’re deciding on your Café Vida order!

Kicking Off the Day with a Keto Meal…
If you’re trying to get into ketosis, eating a balanced breakfast (not too early in the morning) is one of the best ways to accomplish this. We love the Balance Breakfast Bowl with its protein-rich egg whites, low carb veggies, and heart-healthy fats with the guacamole topping. To truly make it this dish Keto, you’ll need to omit the brown rice base and sub some yummy chicken for more protein.

Another keto breakfast option could be the savory California Scramble, served with an undressed side salad. You’ll have to pass on the side of fruit or toast, but this bowl packs enough flavor that we don’t think you’ll miss it!

Starting with a Vegetarian Option…
We love any way to incorporate more veggies into our diet, and when you can do it at breakfast, it’s a big win! We love the Morning Wrap with some leafy green spinach to add a healthy boost, plus the beans and wrap add fiber, while the scrambled eggs are both a protein and healthy-fat combo.

A Very Veggie Lunch
A host of hearty veggies for lunch give your body the fuel and nutrients to avoid the post-lunch food coma, or resist those late afternoon sugar cravings (suddenly at around 3:00 that office candy jar is calling….)

The organic green salad is loaded with leafy greens and satiating veggies, but it’s also got the feta cheese and pepitas to add some serious substance. Topped off with the roasted sweet potato, this salad is a full meal that won’t leave you hungry an hour later.

Plant-Based and Paleo
There’s a big misconception out there that Paleo has to mean you’re primarily subsisting on meat. But we love that the Chicken, Mango, and Avocado Salad takes a paleo twist on a delicious and satiating salad. With a leafy green base, you get your veggies loaded with protein-rich chicken, sweet and juicy mango (which satisfies all your Vitamin C needs!), and Omega-3-packed avocado. The jicama and roasted almonds are also the perfect crunchy touch to this super salad that’s low on carbs and big on flavor!

For the Well-Rounded Appetite
Not a big fan of subscribing to one way of eating? Some days you’re into veggies and others you want a steak? We celebrate all kinds of eating styles at Café Vida, and we can’t think of a better meal choice for a blend of healthy dietary preferences than the Organic Vegetable Bowl. Focused on flavorful veggies, this dish also incorporates your choice of protein with a just-sweet-and-spicy-enough salsa. The grain base paired with olive oil and avocado blends healthy fats and healthy carbs for a meal that’s truly perfect for every palette.

Got an office full of folks who prefer different foods? We cater to every appetite at our Bay Club Carmel Valley, El Segundo, and Courtside Café Vida locations.

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