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Stop and Smell the Rosé: 2 Ways to Gift Wine

Stop and Smell the Rosé: 2 Ways to Gift Wine

It’s officially summer, which means it’s the season of BBQs, pool parties, patio brunches, and all the other outdoor events you love most. And as any regular party-goer knows, you should never show up empty-handed to an event hosted by a friend or family member.

Sure, wine is always a crowd favorite, but with a small amount of ribbon and tape—and don’t forget the cheese!—you can elevate a simple bottle into a hostess gift that steals the show. Get a little crafty with these two ideas for wrapping up a bottle of wine—now you just need to decide between rosé and Pinot Noir!

Wine Wrapped in Craft Paper

Materials to wrap wine in craft paper

Materials Needed
Craft Paper
Double Sided Tape
Summer Greenery or Flowers (such as chamomile or lavender)

Wine wrapped in craft paper with flowers

1. Cut a piece of craft paper, wide enough to completely cover the bottle, and six inches taller than the bottle.

2. Lay the bottle on its side in the middle of the craft paper, and tape one edge of the craft paper to the bottle.

Wine bottle in craft paper with tape, flowers, and ribbon

3. Roll the bottle in the craft paper, and tape down the other edge of the craft paper.

Craft paper being folded at bottom of wine bottle

4. Fold the excess craft paper on the bottom of the bottle in, and tape it (like you’re wrapping a present).

5. Around the neck of the bottle, cinch the craft paper so the bottle shape is more defined.

Craft paper being tied with ribbon

6. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

7. Slide greenery and flowers under the ribbon.

Perfect for a picnic or outdoor lunch!

Wine + Cheese Board

Materials for wine wrap with cheese board.

Materials Needed
Cheese Board
Mini Baguette
Wooden Tag (optional)
Herbs (optional)

1. Place the wine and baguette on the cheese board.

2. Place the cheese on top of the baguette.

Ribbon being tied on cheeseboard

3. Tie a 1–2” ribbon around the cheese board, wine, baguette, and cheese to hold everything in place.

4. If using a tag, slide your wooden tag on the ribbon before double knotting.

Sprig being added in final cheeseboard

5. Slide a sprig of rosemary (or another herb) between the baguette and ribbon.

And voila, the perfect host gift for a summer night dinner!

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