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The S’more the Merrier: S’more Options

The S’more the Merrier: S’more Options

Today, August 10, marks National S’mores Day, a lesser knownbut decidedly tastyholiday celebrated around the country by roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, fire pit, or (in a pinch) your kitchen range. You can certainly stick to the classic: Graham cracker + marshmallow + Hershey’s bar. But if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some flavorful combinations to try!

Try The Salty-Sweet! Try The Salty-Sweet!

The King
Graham Cracker + Marshmallow + Reese’s PB Cup + Banana

The Mayan
Cinnamon Grahams + Chocolate Marshmallows + Dark Chocolate

The Paesano
Pizzelle Cookie + Marshmallow + Nutella + Strawberry

The Highlander
Shortbread + Marshmallow + Butterscotch + Raspberry

The Salty-Sweet
Pretzel Crisp + Marshmallow + Ghirardelli’s Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Square

Happy roasting!

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