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Kale Junkie: Paleo Everything Bagel Recipe

Kale Junkie: Paleo Everything Bagel Recipe

When we’re looking for a recipe that’s healthy and tasty, our go-to is always Nicole, the creator, and mind behind Kale Junkie. Her recipes are creative and absolutely incredible—there hasn’t been a single one that we haven’t liked. Not only is she a Bay Club Marin Member, but she has two lil’ guys, so a lot of what she makes is already pre-kid-approved! We talked to Nicole for an easy recipe that she’ll be making a lot during the quarantine—and let us just say, these Paleo Everything Bagels, are #baegoals.

1 cup cassava flour (I used Ottos Cassava Flour)
1 cup arrowroot flour
4 medium eggs
1/4 cup olive oil (her recipe calls for palm shortening)
2 tb maple syrup (sub for a nut milk to make #keto)
1 tb water
1 tsp baking powder
pinch sea salt
Trader Joes Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (or sesame seeds)

Preheat oven to 350.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Meanwhile boil a big pot of water.
In a blender, add all of the dough ingredients except for the EBTB seasoning.
Once combined, transfer the dough from blender to a medium bowl, and use your hands to form a ball.
Then separate into four equal parts.
Once the water is boiling, form four bagels and gently drop them in the water.
Once each one floats to the top (about one minute), transfer to the baking sheet.
I brushed each bagel with an egg wash and then added EBTB seasoning.
You don’t have to do the egg wash—I like it because it makes the bagels brown!
Bake 23-25 minutes. ENJOY!

For more tasty recipes from Kale Junkie, visit her Instagram or website.

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