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Your Daily Escape: New Pavilions and Fitness Space

Your Daily Escape: New Pavilions and Fitness Space

We showed you our new outdoor fitness pavilions last month that have transformed our clubs to enjoy all the exercise options they love outside. But now, we’re excited to share with you our brand-new Fitness Barns, at Bay Club Redwood Shores and Courtside. 

Check out what we’ve been up to recently from the Bay Area to Los Angeles!

Redwood Shores

We’ve converted the indoor tennis courts into an expansive indoor/outdoor fitness space, featuring a 15,000 square foot space with new flooring, a turf for functional training, a thoughtfully-designed space for group classes, and a roll-up garage door so you can work out with the health benefit of fresh air. This space is complete with all the equipment our members love for strength and cardio training—perfect for solo workouts and group fitness classes.



Similar to Redwood Shores, we converted one indoor court at Courtside into an expansive indoor/outdoor fitness space, featuring a 7,500 square foot space with new flooring, turf, and a roll-up garage door. 

El Segundo and Redondo Beach

We’ve enhanced the outdoor fitness experience at El Segundo by adding two large outdoor pavilions to provide an additional 7,500 square feet for fitness classes and solo workouts, with a variety of equipment.

And, our pavilions at El Segundo were so popular, we’ve installed one at Bay Club Redondo Beach! With the addition of these outdoor spaces, the Bay Club now offers the largest portfolio of outdoor fitness in Los Angeles. Come check it out for yourself!

We can’t wait to help our members get back into the fitness rhythm with these top-of-the-line club fitness features!

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