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Introducing ELEVATE: The Upgrade Your Health Has Been Waiting For

Introducing ELEVATE: The Upgrade Your Health Has Been Waiting For

At the Bay Club, we’re all about elevating our member experience. Whether we’re upgrading our kids’ spaces or remodeling our club facilities, we’re invested in investing in you. It’s quite fitting, then, that our new fitness and lifestyle program is called ELEVATE—our most comprehensive, community-oriented health program to date. We learned all about this fantastic program from David Miller, our fearless leader in Bay Club Portland, who told us what ELEVATE participants can expect, what sets it apart from other fitness and weight-loss programs, and why you should sign up!

What is ELEVATE?
“ELEVATE is really about community,” says David. “It’s a natural extension of the Bay Club culture, which is built on people who share the common goal of enjoying an active lifestyle. ELEVATE takes this foundation and gives people a clear and direct path forward to finding their best health—alongside people with similar goals.” We cover all the bases of plan that’s designed to help participants advance their health, which is mostly fitness and nutrition.”

How long does the program run?
“It’s 8 weeks. Those 8 weeks include fitness coaching, nutrition guidance, small fitness classes, and a community of participants who help keep each other accountable and on track to reach their goals.”

What kind of nutritional guidance does ELEVATE offer?
Nutrition Tracking: We help people stay on target with their nutrition by tracking their daily meals. It really helps people be honest with themselves about how much and what they’re eating. It also gives us a clear view of your eating habits, like when you’re most likely to snack, what meal you might overeat at, what meals you’re prone to skipping, etc. Some people prefer to write their meals down, while others use an App. We leave this decision up to them.

 Nutrition Analysis: We take this information and our program nutritionist will help participants break down their marco nutrients to make sure they’re meeting our recommended amounts. Our ELEVATE nutritionist will also look at calorie content to see if participants are within a healthy range.

Tailored food inspiration and recipes: Our nutritionist will provide recipes based on what people’s dietary preferences are, so if they stick to a mostly vegetarian or mostly Keto diet, we can personalize your meal ideas to fit this. We even provide grocery lists! We’ll give you creative ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and breakdown the nutrition and calorie information for these meals.

Building a positive food relationship: Our primary nutrition goal is to help ELEVATE participants establish a positive relationship with food. Nutrition is key to losing weight, to shifting habits, and to leading an overall healthier life, so we focus on this.”

What does the fitness element include?
“We have three professional coaches who teach different classes. We focus on building lean mass and dropping body fat, and we measure each participant’s progress in their fitness ability over the course of 8-weeks. Members can choose to include any number of fitness classes, whether it’s 12, 16, 24…’s really about what works with their schedule and their goals.”

“Because our classes are small and the program features hands-on work with true health professionals, we also look at each participant’s form and technique. There’s no way you’ll leave after 8 weeks with a poor squat!”

How do you track participant progress?
“We use an InBody Machine to record each participant’s measurements. We start the program with measurements and end with measurements. We go in-depth on the key standards by which we monitor progress, which include body fat percentage, lean muscle tissue, and overall weight.” 

What are some of the changes that you’ve seen through leading past ELEVATE programs?
“I’ve seen so many personal transformations through ELEVATE. I’ve seen people become more accountable for themselves and their health habits. I’ve seen people accomplish their goals and then exceed them. I’ve seen people lose 50 lbs and move off medications. I’ve seen participants form good relationships, like a new workout buddy. This program is truly life-changing.”

If you’re looking for a program that’s designed to meet you where you are, yet also give you the motivation to get where you want to be in your health, ELEVATE is for you. We’re running programs throughout our Clubs and will launch new sessions throughout the year, so if you’re interested in learning more (or even taking the leap and registering!), click here and fill out the form! 

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