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A Day in the Life of a Trainer: Kelsey Abraham

A Day in the Life of a Trainer: Kelsey Abraham

The Early Bird…Gets the Coffee

There’s one thing that helps Kelsey Abraham wake up at 4:00 am: Coffee. In fact, Kelsey’s probably had about three cups of coffee, taught a personal training session, and had breakfast by the time most of us are rolling out of bed.

“I’m not really a morning person, but with the right amount of caffeine I’m great at pretending I am!” And she certainly had us fooled. Whenever we see Kelsey at the Bay Club, bright and early, she’s full of enthusiasm for what she does.

“I’m typically in the Bay Club training personal clients from 5:00 or 6:00 am until about 2:00 pm,” she says. “I also teach a small group training class at 7:00 am Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”

Aside from coffee, we wanted to know what kind of breakfast fuels this superwoman! “Breakfast is usually something like 2 soft boiled eggs,” she tells us, “because nobody’s got time to cook at 4 am!”  We agree.

Helping Her Clients Reach Their Goals
Every great personal trainer is dedicated to helping their clients set—and reach—their personal fitness goals…and Kelsey is no exception. It’s her number one priority when working with Bay Club members.

“My clients and I set goals together at the beginning of their program. We make sure it’s something tangible and measurable…and realistic.”

A big believer in strength training and the results that come from doing work outside of pure cardio, Kelsey works with her clients on building a solid foundation in strength training.

“I want them to know safe and effective strength training exercises,” she says.

Lately, her favorite strength-building workout incorporates kettle bells. “I’m still learning and practicing, but working with kettlebells has been something I’m getting into for the past year and I’m really loving it.”

Meal Time on the Move
When your schedule is packed with training sessions, it’s important to fuel your body, even if it means a quick meal. Kelsey has mastered the art of lunch on the fly, though she puts in the work beforehand to ensure it’s a nutritious meal.

“I meal prep my meals ahead of time, so they’re easily accessible to grab and go during the week. I don’t follow a certain diet, but I try to include foods that make me feel good and serve my energy and body, and avoid things that don’t.”

Curious about Kelsey’s go-to at the Bay Club? I love the Urban Remedy Macro Salad Bowl for days that I don’t prep ahead of time.

For both lunch and dinner, she usually goes for a combination of meat and veggies. “I’m on a big sweet potato and paleo chili kick right now,” she says. We’d love a bowl of some ourselves!

Gearing Up for the Next Day
We’re willing to bet that most people would get over 4:00 am wake-ups pretty quickly. But for Kelsey, her love of personal training and working with clients keeps her in love with her job.

“I love what I do because everyday is different,” she says. “I get to meet and connect with different types of people, and really figure out what makes them tick and how I can best serve their needs. Watching the progress of my clients is such a rewarding experience.”

The other habit that keeps her going? A relaxing evening routine at home. “I just make dinner for my boyfriend, who is also a personal trainer, and we just spend quality time together. I try to be in bed by 10:00 pm.”

We promise you don’t have to be up as early as Kelsey to book a session with her! You can improve your strength training and overall fitness with a personal session any day of the week. Contact Kelsey to set up your consultation.

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