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12 Part Workout with Jonathan Jordan!

12 Part Workout with Jonathan Jordan!

It’s hard being stuck at home, and our personal trainers are here to make it easier for you! So we talked to Bay Club Financial District rockstar, Jonathan Jordan  (also known as JJ!) for a workout you can do at home using common items like an old milk gallon!

Here’s the full workout, and follow along to see the moves from JJ!

Warm Up:
Walk outs
Dead Bugs

Goblet Squats
Reverse Lunges
KB Swings

Back and Arms:
Curl to OHP
Rev Flies
SA BO Rows

Chest Press
Chest Fly
Vinysas Push Ups

Leg Lifts
Side Plank optional weight

What you need: 

The Warm Up: The Walk Out

Exercise 1: Goblet Squat

Exercise 2: Dead Bug

Exercise 3: Kettlebell Swings

Exercise 4: Biceps and Shoulders

Exercise 5: Reverse Flies

Exercise 6: Bent over Row 

Exercise 7: Chest Press

Exercise 8: Chest Flys

Exercise 9: Push up

Exercise 10: V-Shape Plank

Exercise 11: Leg Raises

Exercise 12: Side Plank

For more from JJ, follow him on Instagram

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