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Mom, My Life Would Succ Without You

Mom, My Life Would Succ Without You

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we’re on the hunt for a gift mama will love. Whether it’s for your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, or another mother figure in your life, we’ve decided on going a more creative route for a gift this year. We’ve made a homemade present that includes two of our favorite things—wine and succulents! Follow the steps for Wine Cork Succulent Magnets that look sharp and are guaranteed to go to good use.

Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

Wine corks
Drill (size 5/16 bit, dependent on size of corks)
Hot glue gun
Small faux succulents
Magnets (10 mm diameter, 2 mm thickness)
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Painter’s tape
Paint palette


Using a wrench to hold the wine cork (to protect your hands), drill a hole in the center of the cork, about 1/4 of the way down the cork. Make sure to drill into the side that was not inside the wine bottle (especially if it is from a red wine!). Shake out any dust afterwards and make sure the cavity is large enough for the succulent to fit.

Tape off the top half of the cork and paint the bottom half (the side without the hole drilled) with craft paint. Apply at least two coats of paint. Let the corks dry completely.

Glue a magnet (depending on size and strength of magnets, you may need multiple) to the middle of the cork.

Add some hot glue into the hole of the cork, and then place a succulent inside.

Let the succulents dry completely, then stick them on a magnetic surface of your choice!

And if you’re not feeling creative this year, stop by The Shop or Sanctuary Spa for some easy gifts for mom—or enter our giveaway this week on Instagram. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! 

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