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Win all Summer Long at the Bay Club

Win all Summer Long at the Bay Club

Choose Your Way to Win
Summer at the Bay Club has arrived. And we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Ways to Win raffle! Kicking off June 1st, there are multiple ways you can win exciting prizes. All you have to do is read on and choose your way to win today (or do them all!).

Show us your #bayclubhappy
Share this summer on Instagram from the Bay Club using #bayclubhappy and get entered to win a 2-night experience to a Bay Club of your choice, with airfare and hotel included. And, if your photo gets reposted by the Bay Club, you’ll have the chance to win Surprise and Delight prizes throughout the summer (like Bay Club branded swag, Lifestyle Points, and more!). In order to qualify, you must post from a public Instagram account and use the hashtag #bayclubhappy.

Together, let’s keep Bay Club Happy!
Help us keep Bay Club the warm and inviting space it is—your home away from home. When one of our associates sees you contributing to a clean and safe club between June 1 and August 30, you will receive a reward card. If you receive a card, simply fill out your information and drop it at the front desk. We’ll regularly draw from the cards and gift some of our helpers a Bay Club reward, like Lifestyle Points, and an entry in our Bay Club Experience package.

Share your feedback and earn points
We want to know what you think! Leave us a Yelp review (whether you have only great things to say or want to share some constructive feedback) and email your review to, you’ll score yourself 12 Lifestyle Points!

We can’t wait to celebrate our favorite season with you at the Bay Club. Any questions? Leave a comment below. For more information on our Ways to Win contests this summer, please read our terms here.

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