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Episode 9: Positioning the Bay Club as an Essential Business

Episode 9: Positioning the Bay Club as an Essential Business

You’re going to want to hit play on this episode of What Lies Ahead because in this installment, we’re diving into an important discussion about essential businesses and the restoration of services at the Bay Club.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Bay Club leaders on how we’re implementing a series of safety protocols and guidelines across our operations—including tennis, golf, and outdoor recreation—as we prepare our clubs to welcome back members. You’ll also gain insight into how we’re working together with industry leaders and some of our valuable partners to be able to restore our club services by May 1.

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In This Episode

  • Learn about our 10 Guiding Principles for Safe Operations with Senior EVP Morell Marean (9:08)
  • Hear from industry leader and Bay Club Board Member Rick Caro on the state of the private club industry as a whole (12:30)
  • Our plan to safely restore tennis operations and programming as soon as possible with Bay Club Tennis Director Gordon Collins (16:52)
  • Safe guidelines for restoring services at our golf clubs, not only for golf play but for family outdoor recreation with Troon Senior Vice President Bill O’Brien (20:04)
  • The importance of transparent communication with our partners and landlords with with Continental Development Senior Vice President Alex Rose (25:16)
  • How we’re supporting the community during this unprecedented time with CFO Kevin Klipfel (35:28)
  • Hear what we’re thankful for and some local businesses we’re supporting (38:06)

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