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Episode 5: An Update on Outdoor Recreation and Family Programming

Episode 5: An Update on Outdoor Recreation and Family Programming

Today’s episode of What Lies Ahead was inspired by some of your questions and feedback (remember, we want to hear from you at thenewnormal@bayclubs.com!), specifically about golf and outdoor recreation, as well as family programming.

While we’re looking at the impact this new normal will have on each part of the business, we’re especially focused on restoring services at our golf courses to utilize the vast amount of outdoor space they offer. And while we’re busy serving our family members through online programming—and soon to come, live classes!—we’re also focused on your safety and health as we prepare to welcome you back to the clubs. Ultimately, we believe the Bay Club is an essential business for your physical and mental health, and we’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure we are able to restore our services as soon as it is safe to do so.

To learn more, simply click below to watch today’s discussion on What Lies Ahead. 

In This Episode

  • An appearance by three very special guests and their perspective on staying home during this time (7:28)
  • A sneak peak into the new Club Night concept our team has been working on (10:47 and 29:05)
  • An update on the status of our golf courses with San Diego Campus VP GM Brenton Rice (14:40)
  • How we’re serving our family members right now through online programming—and what we’re doing to prepare for your safe return to our clubs with EVP of Family Programming Stacy Litteral (20:50)
  • Using our versatile outdoor spaces to continue practicing social distancing with Bay Club Carmel Valley Director of Family Programming Shelby Thurston (25:31)
  • What we’re thankful for and local businesses we’re supporting—even one for our four-legged friends! (32:08)

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