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Thankful Today and Everyday for our Bay Club Family

Thankful Today and Everyday for our Bay Club Family

As the holidays approach, we’ve been spending more time thinking of how we can celebrate the season. Beyond decorating the house and paying tribute to our favorite Thanksgiving dishes we also wanted to show gratitude for the special teammates who make the Bay Club our home away from home. So throughout the month, we’ll be featuring Bay Club staff members who are known for going above and beyond. A big thank you goes out to these team members who keep the Bay Club happy—and know that we’re thankful for you all year round!

Oregon Campus

Food and Beverage, Bay Club Portland
A friendly face to all members and employees, Kathy is always ready to pitch in when extra help is needed. She’s not just a hard worker…she’s a happy one. Your positivity is contagious, Kathy! Thanks for spreading it at the Bay Club!

Housekeeping Supervisor, Bay Club Portland
Leadership is something we value around here, and Lucio exemplifies a great leader on a daily basis! A long-time team member of the Bay Club, Lucio is a hard worker and a great supervisor. Thank you, Lucio!

Manager on Duty, Bay Club Portland
As Lead Manager On Duty, Brad juggles multiple roles and responsibilities. He’s always happy to help out members and fellow employees, and we admire his can-do spirit!


Engineering, Bay Club Portland
Our lead engineer, Rick has been dedicated to a lifetime of professional growth and development…and it shows! He’s an integral part of how the Bay Club operates safely and effectively. Thank you for your dedication, Rick!

Marin Campus

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Ross Valley
Matthew is a team member at the Ross Valley Hospitality Desk…and we’re grateful to have his smile and energy greet us at the door! With his contagious positivity and dedication to always elevating our member experience, every day is a good day that Matthew is part of our community. If you’re looking for someone who makes a great first impression, look no further than Matthew!

Family Programming Lead, Bay Club Marin
Our Marin Family Programming Lead, Bernadette is the kind of team member whose smiling face is always on! Loved by both members and their kids, Bernadette is part of the kids’ crew team that assures parents their little ones are having fun and playing safe. We’re lucky to have Bernadette’s love for kids and passion for her job—it’s what makes her exceptional! Thank you, Bernadette!

Housekeeping, Bay Club Ross Valley
Part of our rockstar housekeeping crew, Jackie goes above and beyond for both our members and staff. Consistent, reliable, and upbeat, Jackie is a dream team member and puts her best foot forward every time she enters the Bay Club! We know Ross Valley is in good hands when it’s in hers! Thank you, Jackie!

Hospitality Desk and Swim Instructor, Ross Valley
A woman of many roles and talents, Madisson is a Ross Valley swim instructor and a superstar at the front desk. Whether she’s in the pool teaching lessons to little ones or at the desk greeting members and answering questions, Madisson knows everyone by name and always puts in the effort to make the Bay Club a happy place for all!

Membership Director, Bay Club StoneTree
A constant source of positivity, we’re lucky to have David on the team as part of the Marin Campus. Before working at the Bay Club, David was a professional golfer, and loves helping people discover their passion for the sport. Thanks for all that you do David in making our members experience a great one!

Tennis Pro, Bay Club Ross Valley
We’re so grateful for Corey and his passion for the game of tennis. He’s a real hit with all of his students, serving up smiles and fun all day long. Thanks for all that you do, Corey!

Housekeeping, Bay Club Marin
Marin’s tidy locker rooms and pristine gathering spaces are due in large part to crew members like Gloria! A Bay Club employee for more than 10 years, Gloria is a pro at her work…but she’s also a friend to all. Gloria brightens everyone’s day with her happy energy—and a freshly folded towel! Thank you for all you do, Gloria!

Housekeeping, Bay Club Marin
At Bay Club Marin, a fresh morning coffee and a chat with Letty go hand in hand. Letty makes sure our coffee station is always ready for us early birds who like a morning sweat, and she serves every cup with a bright smile. There’s no better way to start a Bay Club day than at the coffee station with Letty!

San Francisco Campus

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Financial District
Sabree is a shining star at Bay Club Financial District. He makes a positive impression on everyone he meets, and he helps his clients achieve—and even exceed—all their personal fitness goals! If you’re looking for fitness motivation, Sabree’s great energy is sure to keep you going!

Lifeguard Supervisor, Bay Club Gateway
At Gateway, Gabriel is our trusted lifeguard supervisor, and was recently promoted to head lifeguard. She has a great spirit and a noticeable dedication to her job and making our aquatics facilities safe. Thank you for keeping our pool safe and our people happy, Gabriel!

Cafe Manager, Bay Club San Francisco
Our Food and Beverage Manager at San Francisco’s location, Oved is the heartbeat of the Café. If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious made-to-order-meal at the Café, you probably enjoyed it with a side of Oved’s smiling face! Oved, thank you for the devotion you show to the Café, to our members, and to your teammates. We all appreciate you!

Personal Trainer, Bay Club San Francisco
A vibrant personal trainer and group ex instructor, Milos is a gift to our San Francisco property! His love for life and passion for his clients shows up every day, and we never tire of his sense of humor and ability to encourage others. We are grateful for the good vibes you spread, Milos!

Parking Attendant, Bay Club San Francisco
If you’ve ever parked in the garage at our San Francisco property, then you know Gail. The first friendly face to greet our city commuters, Gail helps everyone start their day off on the right foot! She’s always happy to help our team members and members alike, and we’re lucky to have her as part of our community!

Personal Trainer and Group Ex, Bay Club San Francisco
Mayra is a personal trainer and group ex instructor at San Francisco, and she’s our resident firecracker! Her drive to help others be the best version of themselves is inspiring, and it’s what makes Mayra such a source of fitness motivation for many! We love the spark you bring to our studios, Mayra.

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Gateway
Monty is known and loved by all at Gateway! A trusted trainer, Monty helps his clients succeed in fitness…while also making it fun along the way. Our members love his impressive experience and deep knowledge in his field, and we’re lucky to have such a talent on our team!

Housekeeping Director, Bay Club San Francisco
Director of Housekeeping and Facilities at Bay Club San Francisco, Douglass is the ultimate team player. He’s a natural leader with a great attitude and a drive to make the Bay Club the very best it can be. If there’s a problem, Douglass is always coming to the rescue. We thank you for our clean club, and your great personality, Douglass!

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Financial District
There’s nothing like seeing Rosine when you walk into Bay Club Financial District! Even at 5 am, she greets our whole community with a smile. Always on time and happy to help out, Rosine is dedicated to her role and to making the Bay Club a happy place for all. Thank you!

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Tennis Club
If you’re ever in a pinch, you can count on Luis for a helping hand! Our Hospitality Desk associate at Bay Club Tennis, Luis has only been on our team a short while—but he’s made a lasting impact! Establishing great relationships with both his colleagues and our members, Luis is always making himself available to our community…and when no one hands him a task, he goes out and finds one!

East Bay Campus

Hospitality Associate, Bay Club Fremont
You might know Bertha’s friendly face from the Café at Bay Club Fremont. She’s as much a staple behind the counter as your favorite smoothie is. She delights in helping members eat well, she serves each and every meal with a smile, and she’s always a source of positivity for her teammates. Thanks for serving up great food and good vibes, Bertha!

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Fremont
As a personal trainer at Fremont, Brandon doesn’t just expect his clients to work hard—he sets the tone by working hard himself! Dedicated to helping our members achieve their fitness goals, Brandon shows each of them the way with his own punctuality, reliability, and passion to pursue his goals. Thanks for inspiring all of us, Brandon!

MOD, Bay Club Fremont
Our trusted MOD at Fremont, Darla is a team player who works hard and is an essential part of the club. Our property is always in good hands when she’s on duty, and she elevates not only the Club, but also her fellow associates, with a high standard for performance and best effort. Thank you for taking the lead and setting a great example, Darla!

Aquatics Swim Instructor, Bay Club Pleasanton
Emma is a superstar on our aquatics team! Emma elevates our entire aquatics program with her self-initiative and inclusivity. She makes swimming as a form of exercise approachable for all levels and ages, and she’s always lending a helping hand to the rest of our aquatics team. We’re grateful to have teammates like Emma making the Bay Club better—both in the pool and on dry land!

Group Ex Instructor, Bay Club Fremont
Dave is known for his packed classes and loads of energy! He’s always drawing a crowd with his music and motivation. No class is ever the same! We’re grateful to have dynamic and inspiring instructors like Dave!

Hospitality Associate, Bay Club Pleasanton
A valued member of our hospitality team, Jose demonstrates the day-to-day dedication that makes the Bay Club such a special place. Always going the extra mile to help our members have the best experience possible, Jose is the very definition of “hospitable.” Reliable, friendly, and a great leader at the front desk and beyond, Jose is the kind of associate we’re especially grateful for!

Manager on Duty, Bay Club Walnut Creek
Our Walnut Creek MOD, Mark has proven himself time and time again with his leadership skills and the relationships he has built with our membership. With our coffee service launching, Mark has made this new initiative go off without a hitch. He never complains and always does his job with such pride and support for our entire property. He makes the Bay Club the best it can be!

Housekeeping Supervisor, Bay Club Pleasanton
Simon supervises the housekeeping team at Pleasanton. His admirable work ethic shows in our always-pristine club. If you enjoy the peaceful, clean environments of our locker rooms and gathering areas, we have Simon to thank! He makes his team stronger by always setting a great example. We are grateful to have dedicated associates like Simon!

Group Exercise Instructor, Bay Club Pleasanton and Walnut Creek
Heidi is the kind of group fitness instructor who can motivate any class, whether in the studio, in the pool, or on the gym floor. She’s an expert in fitness and always provides plenty of motivation from start to finish—it’s why so many members love her classes. Thank you for being an amazing instructor, and an inspiration to us, Heidi!

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Fremont
Nava is one of our go-to trainers for clients looking to get results out of the personal fitness sessions. An expert in training and goal-setting, Nava knows how to provide each client with a personalized approach to improving their health. He’s supported so many of our members to date, and we have no doubt he’ll motivate many more!

Spa Retail Supervisor, Bay Club Walnut Creek
If you’ve ever relaxed at our Serenity Spa in Walnut Creek, you know Meghan! She’s been a valuable member of our team for 7 years, leading her crew with fairness, kindness and a good spirit. She cares about everybody’s experience at the Spa, and wants to make it the best possible. She’s always looking for opportunities to help out, and we’re happy to have a chance to share our gratitude for her now.

Peninsula Campus

MOD, Bay Club Redwood Shores
Our Redwood Shores MOD, Allen is the name and face every member knows (and loves!) We can count on him to solve problems on a daily basis and create the best member experience through establishing authentic relationships with our community. Allen makes a visit to the Bay Club feel personal for each and every visitor.

Food and Beverage, Redwood Shores
A staple in our F&B department, Dustin never says no. He often stays late for events, comes in early to support his team, and pitches in for other departments. When challenges arise, Dustin rises to the occasion…every time. We’re grateful for you, Dustin!

Personal Trainer and Group Ex, Bay Club Redwood Shores
Redwood Shores is grateful to have Laurie, our fitness expert who shines on and off the studio floor. She’s always looking for ways to make our fitness program fresh and exciting, and she helps drive our fitness team to provide the best classes in town! She’s a great communicator and leader, to boot. Thank you, Laurie!

Santa Clara Campus

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Santa Clara
Our MOD at Santa Clara, Elyza is the early bird who always gets the worm! She goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of our members and Club in the morning hours, is at the Club 5 days a week. She has integrity, work ethic, and a great attitude—when we all need it most!

Housekeeping, Bay Club Santa Clara
Rosa is part of our Santa Clara housekeeping team. She always comes to work in the mornings with a friendly smile and an energetic, radiant personality. She’s hardworking, personable, and elevates the Bay Club experience for members and associates alike! She goes out of her way to say “hello” to everyone, and we’re grateful for her daily contributions.

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Santa Clara
Need your favorite piece of equipment fixed? Want help understanding how to work a new piece of gear? Roberto is our “Mr. Fix It” and resident fitness expert! Always happy to help, he lends a hand to both members and associates in all departments. There’s nothing he can’t do!

Facilities, Bay Club Santa Clara
You can count on Manny to always show up to Santa Clara with a positive attitude (and plenty of his famous high fives). Part of our facilities crew, Manny is always on the move, completing one task and finding another. His great energy can be felt all around the club!

Family Programming Associate, Bay Club Santa Clara
We love Lily for her dedication to Santa Clara’s family programming. A team member for over 4 years, she is incredibly reliable and responsible. She is kind and engaged with every child—and they all love her! Parents, little ones, and team members are all grateful to have Lily perfecting the childcare experience at the Bay Club!

San Jose Campus

Family Programming Associate, Bay Club Courtside
A natural leader in our family programming at Courtside, Jewlia shows up each and every day with the mission to brighten the experience of our youngest Bay Club members. She is always looking for more responsibility in her position, and she’s driven by her commitment to making the Bay Club a true home away from home for our families.

Lead Cook, Bay Club Courtside
For over 15 years, Sandra has exceeded at her role as lead cook at Bay Club Courtside. A pillar of our food and beverage operation, she has made the cafe feel like home to so many members. With her incredible work ethic and passion for providing great food to our community, Sandra is the kind of person we’re grateful to call a long-time team member.

Pro Shop, Boulder Ridge Golf Course
Part of our pro shop team, Peter has been raising his hand for more responsibilities since he joined our team—and we’re sure glad he did! Always punctual and full of passion for his job, Peter is now also learning the ropes in Golf Tournaments and we know he will excel. We’re grateful for you, Peter.

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Courtside
If you’ve been to Courtside at 5 am for an early workout, you know Catherine! Always smiling, ready to do her job and so much more, Catherine motivates all of us to start the day with a good attitude. Thank you for making the front desk shine, Catherine!

Tennis Pro, Bay Club Courtside
If you know Aaron, you know he’s the kind of person who never has a bad day–on or off the tennis court. A 13-year employee partner, Aaron spreads his positivity to tennis students, fellow associates, and members throughout the club. Always pleasant and encouraging, our community loves him. Thank you, Aaron!

Food and Beverage Manager, Boulder Ridge
Boulder Ridge would not be the same without Alex, our talented food and beverage manager. He’s the kind of leader who will take on any task, no matter how big or small, and will lead his team by example. We are grateful to have leaders like Alex making the Bay Club a little better each and every day!

Facility Technician, Bay Club Courtside
Tomas has been serving the Bay Club for almost 20 years. He is an excellent worker, with a talent for getting the most detailed tasks done quickly and efficiently. Reliable, dedicated, and a jack-of-all-trades, Tomas is a valued member of our community.

Los Angeles Campus

Group Ex, Bay Club Santa Monica
Rufus Dorsey, A Group Ex guru at Bay Club Santa Monica! Rufus is a member favorite for great fitness classes that are both challenging and fun. He’s a team player, a ball of energy, and a gift to our team at the Bay Club!

Housekeeping, Bay Club Rolling Hills
An invaluable member of our housekeeping crew, Esperanza is an early bird who always arrives with a smile–and a can-do attitude. We have teammates like her to thank for our spotless facilities (not to mention fluffy clean towels!) and we are so grateful for her.

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Redondo Beach
It’s the season of gratitude at the Bay Club. And Nick, Hospitality Desk at Redondo Beach is the king of first impressions! With his charm and willingness to help others, Nick never fails to help us enter and leave the Club feeling a little happier than before. Thank you, Nick, for exemplifying hospitality and making us all feel welcome.

Facilities Director, Bay Club El Segundo
It’s the season of gratitude. As the facilities director at Bay Club El Segundo, Fredy is often faced with surprises at all hours of the day….and he handles every one of them with professionalism. He’s our go-to handyman, can fix anything, and does it all with a smile on his face. Thank you, Fredy!

Assistant Family Programming Director, Bay Club El Segundo
As part of our family programs at Bay Club El Segundo, Cece is loved by parents and kids alike! She’s playful, responsible, and goes out of her way to make the Bay Club a place that’s welcoming for all of our families.

Pilates, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Monica is a powerhouse in our Pilates program! We believe you do your best when you love what you do, and that’s why Monica excels at her work! Our members rave about the breath of fresh air she’s brought to our mind-body program, and we’re grateful for her dedication and passion!

Maintenance, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Cesar is a superstar at Pacific Palisades! With his always-willing-to-help attitude, he’s the ideal teammate. As part of the maintenance crew, he’s filled in for fellow associates when they need help, volunteered for extra responsibility, and is always spreading positivity.

Play Club Manager, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Our play club manager at Pacific Palisades, Rose serves a wide array of our community, from little tots to parents, to her teammates–and everyone in between. She’s the creative mastermind behind our kids’ programs, and she’s always filling in where help is needed! We’re lucky to have her.

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Redondo Beach
Paula is one of our member-favorite personal trainers…and for good reason! She’s not only an expert at what she does, helping clients reach their fitness goals; she’s also a pro at helping all of us find some inner motivation to be the best version of ourselves. If you need a little extra inspiration for an early morning or after-work workout, just having Paula cheer you on will get you to the Club!

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club El Segundo
Josh is a natural at greeting our community at the welcome desk! Friendly, helpful, and always up-to-date on club information, he’s a valuable resource for members and associates alike. Most importantly, Josh genuinely loves people, and that’s probably why he’s so good at his job! Thank you, Josh.

Personal Trainer, Bay Club Santa Monica
A constant source of positivity, Michael lifts clients with his encouragement and steadfast commitment to their health. He’s helped many of our members reach their personal fitness goals. Thank you, Michael!

Hospitality Desk Lead, Bay Club El Segundo
Emilyn is loved by all, and there’s no wonder why! Always positive, friendly, and a team player through and through, Emilyn brings joy to the staff and member community at the Bay Club every day.

Facilities Director, Bay Club Santa Monica
Luis, Luis, he’s our man, if he can’t do it no one can! Luis is our beloved facilities director who we can always count on to fix problems, help out in a bind, and lend a helping hand with a smile. He never says “no”..and we’re so thankful for him!

Operations Director, Bay Club Santa Monica
As our operations director, Jarrod steps in whenever help is needed. He’s ready to pitch in no matter what the challenge, and he’s the kind of teammate everyone wants on their team! Thank you for your leadership and self-initiative Jarrod!

Executive Chef, Manhattan Country Club
One of our executive chefs, Justin is always ready to lend a hand in and outside the kitchen. From helping with big culinary events to perfecting our tasty menu items, Justin serves up delicious meals for our whole community. Thanks for keeping us well-fed, and Bay Club happy, Justin!

San Diego Campus

Assistant Tennis Director, Bay Club Carmel Valley
We are so lucky to have Debbie Ouye as our Assistant Tennis Director at Carmel Valley. When we think of Debbie, we think of someone always willing to go the extra mile for our members and associates. She continues to work diligently on her tasks and her programing and creative ideas are just what we need to put us at the top of our game! Thank you, Debbie!

Spa Desk Receptionist, Bay Club Carmel Valley
As part of our Spa team at Carmel Valley, Lisa is known for providing excellent customer service to members. She builds genuine relationships with each of our guests and creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Lisa strives for more by volunteering to take over tasks, inquires to learn new skillsets, provides new ideas and strategies, and is always looking for ways to be even better at her role. Thank you, Lisa!

Esthetician, Bay Club Carmel Valley
Alex is a phenomenal spa team member! As a professional esthetician, she provides knowledge and expertise to all of her clients. She is always willing to assist her fellow associates with questions. As a team member who’s been with us from the start, we are thankful to have her many years of experience!

Housekeeping, Fairbanks Ranch
Fairbanks Ranch is a better property because of teammates like Dumague. A fantastic member of our housekeeping crew who is always punctual, reliable, and dedicated to keeping our locker rooms and gathering spaces pristine, Dumague is a valued member of our community!

Swim Instructor, Bay Club Carmel Valley
Alexandria is always happy to help when her teammates need her and is always working hard to provide good experiences for even our youngest members in swim classes. We’re lucky to have her on our team as she continues to go above and beyond for our members. Thank you for being a great representation of the Bay Club, Alexandria!

Facilities, Fairbanks Ranch
We’re lucky to have a team player like David on our facility management team at Fairbanks Ranch! He improves our entire property with his impressive maintenance skills, his self-initiative, and his willingness to take on any task. Whenever there’s a problem, David comes to our rescue!

Hospitality Desk, Bay Club Carmel Valley
We love being greeted by Krista as we walk into Carmel Valley. We’re lucky to see her smiling face daily and have someone who is always raising their hand to take on more responsibility. Thank you for all that you do, Krista!

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