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Thankful, Today and Every Day for Our Team

Thankful, Today and Every Day for Our Team

Every year during the month of November, we like to spotlight our Bay Club team members that have been recognized for their hard work and who make your place #bayclubhappy. And this year especially, we are even more grateful. During the challenging last eight months, our Associates have continued to stay positive, dedicated, and we couldn’t imagine the Bay Club without them. We are so thankful for all that they do—all year round! 

Marin Campus

Khadija, Bay Club Marin
We want to show our appreciation for Khadija, Hospitality Desk, and Childcare team associate at Bay Club Marin. Khadija is a beloved member of the team, a great coworker, reliable, and extremely hardworking. She always works to provide members the best experience. Thank you for all that you do!

Iris, Bay Club Marin
We always look forward to seeing Iris’s friendly face at the front desk at Bay Club Marin! She is self-driven, hard-working, and loved by all—and we know why! Iris is always willing to help wherever she can and diligently completes any task she is given. We can always count on Iris, and for that, we say thank you!

Marcel, Bay Club Marin
Marcel is a superstar MOD at Bay Club Marin. He is reliable and hard working. He greets every member with a personalized and great experience, and the members love him just like we do! Thanks, Marcel we’re lucky to have a rockstar like you on our team.

San Francisco Campus

Sean, Bay Club San Francisco
Sean is such a great team player off and on the court! He cares about all his clients and loves teaching the next NBA or WNBA superstars that participate in his basketball clinics. We can always count on Sean to make sure every member feels at home with a workout routine, and he cares deeply about helping everyone reach their true potential. Sean is always raising his hand to help out with the next big project, and for everything he does, we appreciate him! 

Elizabeth, Bay Club San Francisco
When we think of exceptional customer service, our mind goes to Elizabeth! She is always willing to jump in to assist throughout the club, and always provides excellent service to our members. Elizabeth, we appreciate you!

East Bay Campus

Jeff, Bay Club Walnut Creek
Our trusted Sports Desk and Sales Manager, Jeff at Bay Club Walnut Creek is a vital part of our team. Jeff is a team player who works hard and is an essential part of the club. He always maintains a high sense of professionalism and Jeff does a great of providing excellent customer service. Thank you for always setting a great example, Jeff!

Porfi, Bay Club Walnut Creek
A friendly face to all members and associates, Porfi is an important member of our Bay Club Walnut Creek team. He’s a superstar at the club and on the pool deck and continues to engage our members and keep the entire club sparkling clean! We’re grateful for all that you bring to the Bay Club!

Carlos, Bay Club Pleasanton
If you’ve been to Bay Club Pleasanton, you know Carlos. It’s not often that you find such a great associate like Carlos—he’s a hard worker, and always goes above and beyond with a big smile on his face! Thanks for making the club shine, Carlos, we appreciate you!

Santiago, Bay Club Walnut Creek
Santiago is one of our hardest working individuals at Walnut Creek. He’s a rockstar on the Housekeeping team and does an excellent job of bringing the highest levels of hospitality throughout the club. The club is always in good hands when Santiago is on duty. Thank you for all that you do, Santiago! 

Erika, Bay Club Fremont
If you’ve ever been to Bay Club Fremont, then you know Erika, our Housekeeping Lead! Erika brings a positive attitude, and an even bigger smile to the club every day. She does it all, and we’re beyond thankful to have her on our team!

Marosa, Bay Club Fremont
When we think of someone that always goes above and beyond, Marosa is top of our list at Bay Club Fremont. Her smile and positivity are contagious, and we are so grateful to have her on our housekeeping team. We are so appreciative of her hard work! 

Peninsula Campus

Belen, Bay Club Redwood Shores
Belen is a superstar at Bay Club Redwood Shores. She works hard, and members and staff love her! We appreciate her hard work and dedication daily, as she always goes above and beyond. 

Jack, Bay Club Redwood Shores
It’s always a good day when Jack greets us at Bay Club Redwood Shores! Jack is loved by all, and there’s no wonder why! We’re grateful to have his energy and positivity elevating our members’ experience, every day. Thank you for making the Hospitality Desk shine, Jack! 

Tim, Bay Club Redwood Shores
Tim has been a dedicated and extremely hard worker with us on the fitness side at Bay Club Redwood Shores for the last 22 years. He’s stuck with us, and members and associates alike appreciate how engaged and committed he is to consistently providing exceptional experiences. Thank you, Tim! 

San Jose Campus

Francisco, Bay Club Courtside
Francisco is our jack of all trades at Courtside—and does everything from Camp Counselor to front desk, to chef to attendant—and excels at all. He is consistent, reliable, and upbeat and we can always count on Francisco to brighten everyone’s day with his positive energy and a big smile that can be seen through his mask! Francisco is always raising his hand to take on more responsibilities and learning all positions of the club, and he is dedicated to making Bay Club a happy place for everyone—and we appreciate him for all he does!

Mariano, Bay Club Santa Clara
Mariano is a rockstar on the housekeeping team at Bay Club Santa Clara. He is a team player, and we appreciate him for all of his hard work daily! Our day is guaranteed to improve whenever we see him, and the big smile he always has on his face. Thank you, Mariano for making sure the club is always spotless. 

Sammi, Bay Club Courtside
Sammi is a rock star Trainer at Bay Club Courtside! Nothing can slow down this go-getter. She completed her Masters Degree and is incredibly passionate about training. Sammi’s positivity is truly contagious, and she loves encouraging her clients to hit their goals, and makes sure to remind them that it’s achievable. If you’ve worked with Sammi, you know how amazing she is, and if you haven’t—what are you waiting for? 

Mark, Bay Club Santa Clara
Mark is a long time team member of our Bay Club Family at Bay Club Santa Clara. Mark is dedicated to the tennis community and the success of the club, and for that, we know his fellow players appreciate him as much as we do!  His passion for teaching and coaching is unmatched, and we loved that Mark went back to his roots and ran our Jr.Tennis Camp. Coach Mark is always a hit, and we are thankful for his energy and passion for the past 30 years!

Anita, Bay Club Santa Clara
Anita is such a team player on the group exercise team at Bay Club Santa Clara. Not only is she a rockstar on the fitness side of the world, but she is always willing to jump into ANY shift in any department. Anita recently started helping out in tennis and operations, and always brings energy and positivity! We are so thankful for Anita, and all that she does for the club, members, and her Bay Club family! 

Los Angeles Campus

Isaiah, Bay Club Rolling Hills
We love how Isaiah welcomes every member to Bay Club Rolling Hills with a genuine, warm smile. He cares greatly about each and every member and works hard to create a personalized experience for everyone. He is a great ambassador, and we admire his passion. Thank you for making the club so welcoming, Isaiah! 

Darryl, Bay Club Santa Monica
We want to share our appreciation for Darryl. Darryl has been at the forefront of our sports camp, and has been amazing at coaching our kiddos through fitness training, all while training clients, and helping layout the club on the daily! He’s a team player, and always willing to pitch in. We are so thankful for how Darryl always goes the extra mile for his team and providing a great experience for all members! 

Oz, Bay Club Santa Monica
We want to share our appreciation for Oz, a rockstar group exercise instructor at Bay Club Santa Monica. We love her friendly and bubbly personality, and she always brings the heat to her group exercise classes! We are so thankful for how she always goes the extra mile for our members. 

Spencer, Manhattan Country Club
Spencer our Tennis Director at MCC is rock solid! She is smart and hard-working, and we are fortunate to have her running our bustling courts! She is dedicated to ensuring our tennis program runs well, and is always making sure the events are fun for adults and kids all while doing it with grace and style! Thank you, Spencer, we appreciate you! 

Gilbert, Bay Club El Segundo
When Gilbert walks into the Clubhouse at El Segundo, the children scream in excitement. Our families appreciate his positive demeanor, fun personality, and he’s incredible with the kiddos! Gilbert works hard, and is considerate and eager to help others all the time! Gilbert, the entire Bay Club community, members, and associates are grateful for you! 

Ignacio “Nacho,” Manhattan Country Club
Ignacio “Nacho” has been with the club for almost 30 years and is a constant source of smiles and energy. He leads his associates by example and has taken younger maintenance staff under his wing to teach them everything from woodworking to plumbing. He also has handmade many of our holiday decor items including our Haunted House and Santa Sleigh! We are so thankful for how he always goes the extra mile for our members! 

Loel, Bay Club El Segundo
Loel has been part of our family since 1997—over 23 years! He leads by example as a personal trainer, and both our team, and his clients value and appreciate him. Loel is always the first to raise his hand to help, and he is an integral part of our team. We are beyond thankful for how he always goes the extra mile for his team, and our members! Thank you, Loel!

Neil, Bay Club Redondo Beach
The Bay Club would not be the same without Neil teaching all of our favorite classes, and we are beyond grateful for his constant positivity with everything he does. He’s a team player—and anyone who takes his class instantly feels his positivity and amazing attitude. He is our go-to, and we couldn’t imagine the Bay Club without him. Neil is truly a gift to our Bay Club family! 

Minerva, Manhattan Country Club
Minerva, our lead housekeeper at MCC is highly talented in so many areas. She is always mindful and attentive to details from floral maintenance to the cleanliness of all areas. She shines every day like the smile on her face! We have teammates like her to thank for our spotless club—we are so grateful for her!

Annika, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Annika is a fan favorite personal trainer at Bay Club Pacific Palisades. We love her positive attitude, and the great personal relationships she has created with her clients over the years. Annika is a trustworthy, and hard-working associate, and we value her dedication to improving and changing the lives of her clients. Thank you, Annika! 

Carlos, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Carlos has been with us since the beginning at Bay Club Pacific Palisades. He always maintains the highest standards for keeping the club organized and clean. He leads his associates by example by taking the lead on painting the club and stepping up to do work when it’s not asked. And just look at that smile—it radiates through the club. Thank you, Carlos! 

Chris, Bay Club Pacific Palisades
Chris can do it all, and he does it with a smile at Bay Club Pacific Palisades. From front desk, to cleaning the club, and his role as a personal trainer, he always does an exceptional job with every task. Chris is always complimented by the members on what a great job he does, and he does it with passion. Chris, we appreciate you, and ALL that you do! 

San Diego Campus

Jayse, Bay Club Carmel Valley
As our Operations Manager at Bay Club Carmel Valley, Jayse is a master at juggling the vast assortment of operational tasks. He’s a pro at everything, and he continues to lead the club on the daily! Thanks, Jayse—our members and associates are lucky to have you making things great every day! 

Zuliya, Group Exercise Carmel Valley
Zuliya is the kind of group fitness instructor who can motivate any class, whether in the studio, on the grass, or even on a tennis court! She has a passion for helping others be the best version of themselves, and it’s what makes Zuilya such a source of fitness motivation for many—all while having fun!  From International Vegan chef to our most popular Zumba and Bollywood instructor—there’s nothing she can’t do. Thank you for brightening every room, and creating such wonderful experiences for everyone that takes your classes! 

We’ll be updating our post every day with new faces. Find more of our Associate Spotlights on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Suzanne Fritsch  |  November 6, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Yes, the staff at Walnut Creek is very friendly and helpful. I have felt very welcome and safe at the club.

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