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Saying Goodbye to Our 2019 Bay Club Summer Interns

Saying Goodbye to Our 2019 Bay Club Summer Interns

As we say goodbye to our seven Bay Club summer interns, we could not be more proud of the work they have done over the last eight weeks. The interns learned all about the Bay Club business and contributed to the company through many different projects. They worked hard in their individual departments as well as on their group project, which they presented at the end of their summer internship. We will miss the interns, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them. Written by the interns themselves, read on to learn about their summer and the top six reasons they loved their time with the Bay Club!

Travel. Throughout the internship, we traveled and toured all of the Bay Club campuses in California! We loved seeing all of the different properties and what each had to offer. Then we packed our bags and flew to San Diego for the Fourth of July! In San Diego, all of the interns helped with the annual Fourth of July event at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. We toured the San Diego campus then drove to Los Angeles to tour more of the Bay Club properties! On our day off during the trip, we rented jet skis and zoomed around in the cool water on a hot summer day.

Projects. From fitness to family programming, each intern worked in a specific Bay Club department where they completed a variety of projects! We worked on projects that we hope will have a lasting impact on the company. When we were not working within our own departments, we collaborated on a final project regarding the upcoming development of the company. At the end of the internship, we presented our ideas to the company’s leaders for the upcoming development process.

Fitness. We loved experiencing all of the fitness offerings at Bay Club! On the first day of our internship, all of the interns took an IGNITE class together and loved it! As the summer progressed, we loved trying all of the different fitness options at each club, like GlideFit. We even worked out at Bay Club properties during our trip to southern California!

Living in San Francisco. As many of us are from the East Coast, we were thrilled to live in California for the summer! Living in San Francisco was exciting, and we loved taking advantage of the many fun things to do in the city! We enjoyed participating in the typical tourist activities as well as going off the beaten path to enjoy local coffee shops and restaurants.

Learning. Throughout the summer, we constantly absorbed valuable information whether we were in meetings, working on projects, or experiencing the clubs. We are grateful to our internship mentors for fostering a deep level of learning!

Friendships. Looking back at the summer, we are not only proud of the information we learned or the projects we completed, but we are also proud of the relationships we created. We bonded as an intern group and made friends at each of the different Bay Club properties. It’s the people of Bay Club that make it the hardest to leave.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from the Bay Club this summer, and this internship has truly been unforgettable. Bay Club helped us grow in so many ways, and although we are sad to leave, we know that we will carry the tools that we learned during this internship with us for the rest of our lives.

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Your 2019 Bay Club Summer Interns

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