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10 Days of Activities for your Kiddos: Day 4

10 Days of Activities for your Kiddos: Day 4

We’re always looking for new activities to keep our little ones (of all ages!) busy.  And we’ve got a fun day of activities here.  And if you missed it, here’s Day 1, Day 2, and 3! We’ve still got more coming your way on the daily!

For our Littlest Members (Preschool)
Create a Sensory Bin
The theme really doesn’t matter. Gather up similar items and place them in a container. If you are feeling brave add a messy element, water, sand, rice, or for extra messy fun shaving cream or a squirt of soap to make bubbles.

For our Older Kiddos (School Age)
Legos Activities
The possibilities are endless when it comes to Legos.

Additional Resources:
Learn to draw like a professional illustrator, and whatever you do, “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus!”

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