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4 Ways to Build a Stronger Team at the Bay Club

4 Ways to Build a Stronger Team at the Bay Club

As company culture continues to be a hot topic in the workplace and beyond, many studies share one common finding: The happiest employees enjoy the company of their coworkers. Translation: Who we work with makes a difference. And to a company that’s believed in the power of relationships since our beginning, this makes perfect sense. If our personal relationships impact our happiness at home, it’s natural that there is a similar correlation when it comes to the office.

But finding time to spend with your coworkers can be hard. With the rapid workday pace and constant distraction of emails, how can we disconnect from work in order to connect with one another? At the Bay Club, our corporate memberships offer plenty of ways for you to engage with your team outside the office, whether it’s on the fitness floor or at a happy hour. Most importantly, the Bay Club is a place where you and your colleagues can step away from your desks and have some fun, because the team that plays together, stays together.

Think it’s time for you and your crew to do some team bonding? Here are four ways we can bring your whole office together—outside the office.

Host a Company Tournament for Some Friendly Competition
With basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, and award-winning golf courses, the Bay Club offers all sorts of options for sports and recreation with your team. Find out who’s got a mean jump-shot, or a killer serve. You’ll learn something new about each other, and have some fun along the way.

Take a Private Fitness Class Together
We offer over 150 group exercises classes throughout our clubs. No matter how you like to stay in shape, we’ve got something for you! Discover who’s got rhythm (and who doesn’t) at a Zumba class, find your team flow in a private yoga class, or push your limits together as a team with a cardio-strength class like The Drop or The Battle.

Find a Change of Scene
If taking time away from work isn’t an option right now, you can still take time out of the office! Our clubs feature fully-equipped Connect business suites, designed for company meetings and conferences. Everyone will appreciate a change of scenery, and we’ll stock your Connect space with all the healthy snacks and beverages you need to stay fueled.

Let Us Plan a Party
What could be better for team bonding than a party that no one has to plan? Let us take care of all the details for a personalized team party at the Bay Club. And as part of our corporate membership trial, we’re offering a special opportunity to party with your team—on us! Click here to see all the details.

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