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3 Café Vida Juices that Pack a Healthy Punch

3 Café Vida Juices that Pack a Healthy Punch

If you haven’t gotten to experience the many wonderful snacks and dishes from Café Vida’s healthy menu, it’s high time you put it on your Bay Club must-do list! With locations opening at a number of our clubs, we’re excited to bring our community of active, nutrition-loving members a menu to suit every palate. While we’ve featured our smoothies on One Lombard before, we’ve never covered another important section of the menu: our nutrient-packed, fresh-as-can-be juices.

We all know juices are one of the best ways to sneak fruits and veggies into your daily diet, but what you may not know are all the health benefits packed into each one. We chose three of our most popular Café Vida juices to breakdown their nutrition content—and why you should try all three! Behold: the powers of the Alkalizer, the Pure Green, and the Immunizer.

1. The Alkalizer: For feeling sluggish and restoring energy levels, improving digestion, and stabilizing blood sugar.

The Science: Been ordering “alkalizing” drinks without really knowing what that means? We’re willing to bet that you’re not alone…so here’s what that mystical term really means. An alkalizing ingredient helps to balance your blood’s pH, and a healthy body is slightly more alkalized than it is acidic.

The Results: So what do you get when you combine a whole bunch of alkalizing ingredients, like leafy greens and ginger? Your alkalized body becomes more efficient at digesting foods and soaking up their nutrients, giving you more energy and better mental clarity and focus.

2. The Pure Green: For hydration, a burst of micronutrients, and plant-based protein

The Science: Greens like kale and spinach are an excellent source of plant protein.  And when they’re paired with cucumbers and other greens, it’s a powerful mix of micronutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C—plus a wealth of minerals, to boot!

The Results: This is a great drink for getting your greens, along with a flavor that’s not too “garden-y” (we get it). If you need fuel for after a workout, this will actually check a whole lot of boxes, from rehydrating your cells, to restoring your muscles with protein.

3. The Immunizer: For fighting inflammation, boosting metabolism, and supporting the immune system.

The Science: Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, which supports vision and skin healthy, and paired with the green apple, it also adds the perfect amount of hunger-beating fiber. The ginger in this juice gives it a kick of inflammation-fighting micronutrients.

The Results: Think you feel a cold coming on? This is just the drink the doctor ordered! With all the vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory ingredients in this juice, it will support your immune system and keep that cold at bay.

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