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Elevating the Bay Club Fitness Experience: A Dynamic Partnership with Fitnessmith

In a significant move to enhance the fitness experience for members, the Bay Club proudly entered into a strategic partnership with Fitnessmith, a renowned provider of high-quality fitness equipment. This collaboration aims to revitalize the cardio and weight training facilities across all Bay Club properties, offering members state-of-the-art equipment to support their fitness goals.

We have always been committed to providing members with top-notch facilities, expert training, and a modern approach to health and wellness. Recognizing a meteoric rise in interest in both strength training and cardiovascular workout plans since 2020 (who else spends hours on #GymTok?!), Bay Club is committed to representing the evolving needs of fitness enthusiasts. 

And with their reputation for delivering cutting-edge fitness equipment and technology, the decision to partner with Fitnessmith aligns seamlessly with our dedication to innovation and excellence. Having already invested over $3 million in the past year to outfit Bay Club properties with the latest in fitness technology, we will continue to deepen this partnership in the coming years to ensure that Bay Club is on the cutting edge of health and wellness. 

Want to know more about the ways in which our Fitnessmith partnership can impact your next workout at Bay Clubs from Seattle to San Diego? Here’s a few ideas:


Refresh Your Cardio Workouts

Cardiovascular fitness is a cornerstone of any well-rounded exercise routine, and your cardio equipment should provide diverse and advanced options. With Fitnessmith’s top-of-the-line cardio equipment, members can expect an array of innovative machines designed to cater to all fitness levels and preferences.

From the latest manual and motorized treadmills featuring interactive screens and virtual training programs to advanced elliptical trainers and stationary bikes with immersive workout experiences, the upgraded cardio zones will allow for your next HIIT session or marathon prep run. Why not try out the popular 12-3-30 next time you’re in the club?


Elevate Your Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of a balanced fitness routine, improving bone density, balance and maintaining weight loss. Fitnessmith’s range of premium weightlifting equipment, including free weights, resistance machines, and functional training stations, will transform the strength training areas across all Bay Club locations.

Whether members are aiming for muscle toning, body sculpting, or powerlifting, the upgraded weight training facilities will provide a versatile and comprehensive environment for achieving their fitness objectives. And if you’re just starting your strength journey, here’s a step-by-step guide on some most-know moves. 


Learn from the Experts

Feeling lost in a sea of unfamiliar equipment? Our staff, from front desk associates to coaches, will be happy to point you in the right direction. We also offer packages from one-on-one personal training to small group fitness training with our Expert and Elite Personal Trainers. You can learn more on our training program, here

Here’s to continued innovation in 2024!

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