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Soak Up the Sunshine: Investing in Outdoor Fitness with BeaverFit

Need a breath of fresh air? We’ve got you covered (or, actually, uncovered) with our recently updated, state-of-the-art outdoor fitness equipment from BeaverFit. Of many lessons learned from events of the past few years, one positive was rediscovering the wonder of getting in a good sweat under the sun. From city rooftops, to suburban courtsides, we know that our membership wants the flexibility of rethinking their wellness routine outside of our walls.

That’s why Bay Club is thrilled to share the expansion of our partnership with BeaverFit, a leading provider of innovative outdoor fitness solutions. This collaboration will continue our efforts to transform the member experience by introducing a wider array of high-quality fitness spaces across Bay Club locations.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Fitness

Veteran owned and operated, BeaverFit started as a fitness equipment supplier to our US Armed Forces. Now, recognizing the growing demand for outdoor fitness options, the Bay Club has strategically partnered with BeaverFit to create dynamic, state-of-the-art outdoor workout spaces. From container gyms and boxes, to functional training racks and rigs, BeaverFit equipment is durable enough to withstand the elements and your hardest workout routines. 

From the Ground to the Rooftop


One of the flagship projects resulting from this collaboration was the renovation of our Bay Club San Francisco rooftop. With 360 degree views of the San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower, members can look forward to enjoying invigorating workouts in the open air, surrounded by panoramic views that inspire and motivate.

The revamped rooftop features BeaverFit’s premium outdoor fitness equipment, carefully selected to offer a holistic and challenging workout experience. From functional training stations to cycling classes, the Bay Club San Francisco rooftop will be a must on your weekly routine.

Planning Ahead

The excitement doesn’t end with the San Francisco renovation. The Bay Club is committed to extending these outdoor fitness enhancements across its network of clubs. Our Santa Clara and Redondo Beach clubs are next in line for a remarkable transformation in 2024, bringing BeaverFit’s expertise to the South Bay and Southern California. Members in Redondo Beach can anticipate a fitness space that seamlessly integrates with the sunny coastal views, offering a refreshing and energizing outdoor workout experience. 

Embracing the Outdoors for a Healthier Future

The Bay Club’s partnership with BeaverFit signifies a bold step toward redefining the fitness landscape. Outdoor workouts have proven physical and mental health benefits, and this collaboration reflects the Bay Club’s dedication to fostering a holistic approach to well-being. Members can now enjoy the best of both worlds – premium fitness facilities and the invigorating freedom of outdoor exercise.

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