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Popsicles that Make Healthy Cool

Popsicles that Make Healthy Cool

Popsicles by Plenty Pops

We’ve all been there—longing for the cool tasty treats of childhood summers. But as educated adults with access to health and nutrition blogs, we know better than to eat frozen popsicles filled with sugar. With Labor Day—and the ultimate summer send-off—approaching, what’s the modern Marinite to do when temperatures soar this weekend?

Enter Plenty Pops, a Mill Valley-based company from Shawn Brennan, a professionally trained cuisine and pastry chef with a life-long background in the culinary and nutrition world. Shawn’s Plenty Pops are frozen pops made entirely from nutrient-rich combinations of fresh, organic, locally sourced whole veggies, fruits and flavors. They are like a farmers market on a stick!

Shawn hand-makes each batch by blending only the freshest local organic fruits and veggies into unique and delicious combinations, then freezing them popsicle-style so they are easy and refreshing to eat. She even tastes each small batch to ensure that they meet her high standards, before hand packaging and delivering them to their destinations, like Bay Club Marin and the Sunday Marin Farmers Market in San Rafael.

While Shawn’s Plenty Pops are perfected, healthy combinations you should always have in your freezer for a nutrient-rich treat for kids and adults, she shared one of her most popular recipes with us. If you want to try to make her frozen treats on your own—just like we did at the Bay Club Marketing office!—try this fantastically fruity recipe that puts those nostaglic popsicles of your past to sugary shame.



6 oz raw butternut squash, steamed until soft
6 oz raw carrot, steamed until soft
4 oz mango
5 oz peaches
1 cup apple juice
1 tbsp lemon juice
pinch of sea salt

Blend well, pour into popsicle molds and freeze.


With surprising flavors like Strawberry Beet, Yam Mango Orange, and Avocado Coconut Cocao, Plenty Pops has mastered the art of the healthy—and satisfying!—popsicle. Pick up a few for yourself at Bay Club Marin or order online.



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