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Sliding Into Your Weekly Menu: 3 Slider Recipes

Sliding Into Your Weekly Menu: 3 Slider Recipes

We’ve been home cooking a lot of meals, and ready to mix up our routine. We know the basic slider recipe (which we love!), but nows the time to mix it up with some fun toppings and tastes! They’re easy to prep and versatile, with endless topping options. No need to stick to a basic cheese, tomato, and lettuce combination. Instead, we’ve created a slider bar that everyone is guaranteed to love with three approved recipes—Hawaiian, Greek, and Banh Mi sliders. Stack the toppings how we suggest, or go wild and build your own combination!

We used bison burger as it’s a great source of nutrients, including Vitamin B6, iron, and zinc, but these sliders can be made with any type of meat you prefer.


Hawaiian Slider

Monterey jack cheese
Grilled pineapple
Red peppers
Teriyaki sauce

Greek Slider

Greek Slider

Feta cheese
Green peppers
Picked red onions
Tzatziki sauce

Banh Mi Slider

Banh Mi Slider

Peanut sauce
Pickled carrots

Try one, or try them all—good thing they’re only sliders—there’s room for every combo! 

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