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Take “Flight” with Bay Club STAGES Bikes

Take “Flight” with Bay Club STAGES Bikes

You may have caught our previous post on our partnership with Stages, explaining the special features that make this bike the best in the stationary cycling industry. Well, we’ve got more great news! We’re now launching the ultimate experience in indoor cycling with Flight + Stages’ latest group-inspired ride. If you’re looking for an energy-packed, sure-to-make-you-sweat cycling class, Flight is for you. Wondering how Flight is elevating every rider’s experience? Find out below!

Personalized Results and Workout Data—Delivered Right to Your Inbox
When you register with Stages + Flight, you’ll build a personal profile when you log onto Whenever you come into class, you can use the booking iPad to ‘book’ yourself on a bike, and that bike will not only ‘know’ you and your profile information. You’ll then receive a post-workout email with your class results, your class history, and your progress.

Color-Coded Tracking to Help You Meet Your Goal
Not a numbers person? No problem! Stages + Flight keeps you updated on the effort you exerted with a color-coded class profile. It’s a unique system that allows individual riders to keep pace with their own personal goals, while also setting a cohesive class feel.

Here’s how it works: the class color is attached to a percentage of the riders’ FTP (Functional Threshold Power).  Whether someone’s FTP is 100 or 400, when the profile says to turn your gauge to say, ‘orange’, everyone’s orange will be personal to their FTP, but it will feel so coordinated because everyone is orange.  Riders will know if they’ve been successful if they can stay in the colors suggested in the profile.  Additionally, if they have booked a bike, they will receive a post-workout email letting them know how much time they spent in each Training/Power Zone.

Stages + Flight Focuses on Pushing You to Your Personal Best…While Riding with Your Pack
Given the Power zones designated by colors, Stages instructors are trained as to how long the average rider has the physiological ability to remain in each zone, and how much recovery they’ll need following that effort.  This dictates how instructors build their profiles. Since we need to train in all the Power Zones, instructors have an endless variety of class designs to ensure the riders are getting the benefit from being in their classes.  And because the zones are personalized, riders will be riding at their personal best.   

Different Rides for Different Strides
Every Stages + Flight instructor has the freedom to create a variety of rides with different training goals, including intervals, lower intensity endurance rides, tempo training, pyramids…the list goes on. And the rider is always clued in; one of the biggest benefits of training with Flight is that the profile and theme of what’s coming is not a secret.  As soon as the instructor loads the profile, the riders get to see what’s coming – which absolutely dictates how hard they’ll be willing to ride.

Bells and Whistles: Upgraded Bikes for the Ultimate Riding Experience
The Stages + Flight program features the latest in accuracy and stats display, a running profile that’s personalized, and endless options for virtual routes and competitions.

The system allows riders to ‘see’ what’s coming, to work to their full potential, to bond with the rest of the class as they all ride in the same color, and to track their progress week by week.  And when the instructor uses the video layer, they can also go somewhere while they ride on a bike that goes nowhere!

Feeling motivated? Come hitch a ride with us and take Flight! Try a Stages class at your Bay Club. 

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