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Swim and Stretch with Prenatal Aqua and Yoga Classes

Swim and Stretch with Prenatal Aqua and Yoga Classes

At the Bay Club, we’re dedicated to offering fitness options for all ages, levels, shapes, and sizes—and that includes our pregnant mamas! If you’re welcoming more than just the new year into your life in 2017, we want to support you and your baby on the road to a happy, healthy pregnancy. Prenatal aquatics is widely considered to be the best form of exercise for growing moms-to-be, and there are a few great reasons for this:

1. Low-risk, low-impact workout. Buoyancy creates a zero-impact, immediate relief environment for moms who might be sore in their hips or low backs.

2. Core work and muscle toning. While water makes you lighter, its resistance also makes your muscles work harder. You’ll tone your whole body, while also challenging your core.

3. Safe, heart-healthy cardio. You can get a great cardio workout in the water. Running, kicking, and other exercises help you get your heart rate up, without pounding the pavement (or the gym floor).

4. Physical relief from pregnancy pains. Water’s viscosity aids in the relief of swelling, aches, and pains of pregnancy. Feeling bloated, achy, or fatigued? Moving in the water will help!

5. Get out and make friends. You meet other pregnant women, create bonds over shared experiences, and prevent the feeling of isolation or loneliness that some mamas experience during pregnancy.

Plus, many moms say that prenatal aqua classes aided in their labor and delivery, and had a positive impact on getting them back to their pre-pregnancy fitness level.

Not a fan of the water, or want a workout on dry land to supplement your prenatal aqua fitness? Yoga is a perfect addition to any pregnant fitness routine. Providing gentle stretches, mind-body awareness, and fluid movement to help release any stagnant energy or soreness, prenatal yoga can help women relieve stress and stay strong throughout all three trimesters.

We’re fortunate to have professional prenatal fitness educators leading our Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Aquatics programs at Bay Club San Francisco. And now all Bay Club members (and their guests) can join a complimentary sample session on Saturday, January 28. Join us for a morning of prenatal yoga and aqua classes, followed by a lovely, nourishing brunch. Schedule details include:

11:00–11:45 am | Trial Yoga Class
12:00–12:30 pm | Trial Aqua Class
1:00 pm | Lunch

Let us know you’re coming by contacting Tricia Probert—click here to send her an email or contact her at 415-531-7792.

If you love the class (and we think you will!), we’d love for you to join us on a more consistent basis. Prenatal Aqua Fitness is held every Wednesday morning from 8:15–9:00 am in the heated recreation pool. Classes are led by Tricia Probert.

Prefer your mat to the pool? Our Prenatal Yoga classes are held every Friday morning from 8:00–9:15 am in the Yoga Studio. Classes are taught by Sharone Mendes-Nassi, owner of Carmel Blue Pregnancy & Parenting Center.

Participants may purchase classes to use for Prenatal Aqua Fit and/or Yoga. Pricing is below:

One Class: Members $19, guests $25
Five Class Package (valid for 2 months): Members $80, guests $105
Ten Class Package (valid for 4 months): Members $135, guests $185

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