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Introducing FIIGHT, San Francisco!

Introducing FIIGHT, San Francisco!

We’re excited to launch the newest signature program at the Bay Club, FIIGHT! This brand-new boxing class will build your strength, focus, and endurance. You’ll learn the skills and drills of boxing while also working on a wide range of resistance training.

We talked to the creator and mastermind behind this high-intensity fitness class, our very own Fitness Programming Director, Kristina Alai to get the details on what makes this class a knockout! From the state-of-the-art equipment, to the workout, and the studio feel—you’ll feel like a champion every class! Here’s everyting you need to know about FIIGHT. 

What makes FIIGHT unique? 
It’s all about the studio and equipment!

You’ll be transformed to a studio with purple lighting, motivational words lining the wall, and pump up music. It’s guarenteed to be a good workout! 

Aqua Bags: The high kinetic shock absorption of an Aqua Training Bag®, combined with its low impact qualities, allows for longer training sessions with less stress to the body. Meaning you can hit harder for longer and really make the most of your session.

Vector: The VECTOR is designed to deliver single and multi vector exercises.  This accessory-friendly design provides near limitless exercise options and easy set-ups. When looking to offer new exercises that build strength, endurance and mobility, the versatile VECTOR delivers a dial-in resistance platform that can be used anywhere.  Unlike traditional weights the VECTOR Produces “weight equivalent pull” ranges of approximately 10lbs to over 100lbs all while protecting and challenging your body to move correctly.

How does it improve your health?
Boxing has so many health benefits, because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture. The benefits are endless!

Cardiovascular Health: One of the things that make boxing so great for your heart is that the act of punching, any punch, forces very many of your muscles to contract at once. Due to so many muscles being utilized at once your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood and oxygen to them.

Strong Bones and Joints: Bone building exercises are very important because as you age your bones tend to get weaker, thus increasing the incidence of broken bones and even degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.

Improve Coordination: Your hand-eye coordination works in the same way as training your cardiovascular endurance or your muscle strength. The more you challenge it, the better it will get.

Weight Control/ Toning: Another big benefit that comes along with boxing on a regular basis is that it goes a very long way helping maintain or lose weight. An average training session will allow you to burn anywhere from 400-700 calories. 

Core Stability: Boxing increases your core stability as well as your ability to balance and involves a lot of different movements as well as forms of training—many of which engage your core muscles and strengthen them. Strengthening your core will have you have better posture and less back pain due to the fact that your core muscles have an increased ability to keep you upright.  

Better Stamina and Endurance: When you have stronger muscles, it means that you can punch harder for a longer period of time. The increased workload which you are putting your muscles through increase your cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs have the ability to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles in a limited period of time, causing you to become less tired during your training.

Decreased Stress and better sleep: Boxing can be a meditative and mind exercise. We all know exercise increases the levels of endorphins in the body that help to boost our mood.  High-intensity cardiovascular exercise, such as boxing, is beneficial to relief stress and improve the quality of sleep and how fast people can fall asleep. 

What’s the workout like?

Unlike any other. This is the first, group fitness format of its kind. FIIGHT incorporates cardio, resistance, and strength training without using a single dumbbell or bench! This HIIT and Boxing format will leave you feeling stronger, healthy, coordinated, and confident! Participants will switch from 6 rounds of boxing drills, combos, and skills to 6 rounds of resistance training using the ESCAPE VECTORS.   

Anything else we should know about FIIGHT?

FIIGHT is open to all levels! From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, this class will leave you challenged each time. It’s 12 rounds, of 3 minute intervals (with breaks in between!). 

Boxing gloves and wraps are required.  You may bring your own or the Bay Club will offer the purchase of either item at our Shop, and there will be limited supply to rent at the Club. 

Find the weekly class schedule here, and register for classes on Bay Club Connect. Not a member, but want to try out the class or have a question? Send an email to the class creator, Kristina Alai, here


  • Randy Choy  |  July 14, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    What is the cost? How often will there be classes, and will there be any (light of course) actual sparring?

    • The Bay Club  |  August 2, 2021 at 11:45 am

      Hi Randy, the class is included in your membership. We have classes every day, you can find them on the Bay Club San Francisco Class Calendar. There will not be actual sparring, but we might have 1-1 training at some point! Thank you!

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