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Introducing, Shared Membership

Introducing, Shared Membership

Introducing, a new type of flexible, inclusive, and innovative membership: Shared Membership.

Come together for a membership that’s mix and match, come as you are, whoever you are. Shared Membership empowers you to build your own membership with up to 5 additional friends or family members. Because your best moments deserve to be shared.

How does it work?

  • You and up to 5 additional people can belong under one membership. Share with anyone—no need to live in the same household.
  • Your primary member becomes leader of the pack. Count on them to manage account details and own financial responsibility.
  • Pack Leader can flexibly add someone at any time, as well as remove any member each month.
  • Share the Bay Club with friends and family across different regions

Because family is what you make it. Learn more about our Shared Membership here.

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