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Friends of the Bay Club: Apeiron Life

Friends of the Bay Club: Apeiron Life

We are excited to launch Friends of the Bay Club! As advocates of health and wellness, we are partnering with brands that share a commitment to your well-being. Through this program, we aim to bring you exceptional products and services that complement your active lifestyle. And we want to be clear, there’s no financial benefit to us—we just want to share brands we think our community will love!

Elevate your wellness with our Friend of the Bay Club, Apeiron Life. Utilize the best in human performance science to evaluate your well-being. Discover the Apeiron Life Healthspan Assessment: encompassing 350 biomarkers, expert guidance, a 6-week program, and progress tracking app for $10,000. See what it’s like below!

*Apeiron Life is a non-revenue partner of the Bay Club. Our association does not involve financial transactions or impact customer privacy.

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