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2023 Summer Camps are in Session!


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School’s out, the weather is heating up (finally!), and summer vacation is here. This can only mean one thing for busy parents looking for engaging childcare options when school is out – Summer Camp season. Luckily, Bay Clubs has you covered with 2023 Kids Summer Camps for children of all ages!  

We sat down with Bay Club’s Executive Vice President of Experience, Anne Wharton, to get more information on the programming, experience and safety of Bay Clubs Kids Camps. You can find highlights from our interview in the video above, as well as transcripts from our full interview below. From drop off to pick up, learn everything there is to know about 2023 Summer Camps, here.

Q&A with EVP of Experience, Anne Wharton

Tell us about yourself and your role at the Bay Club. 

Hi! I’m Anne and I am the EVP of Experience at the Bay Club. I’ve been with the company for over 10 years now, and most recently I led the team at Manhattan Country Club to deliver a best-in-class experience for all our members. In my current role, I’m more broadly responsible for the experience of members across all of our Bay Clubs and I focus primarily on Family Programming and Events.  

Can you give us some background on Bay Club’s Family initiatives?  

At Bay Club, we want our membership to join a community that can grow together. To us, that means supporting our members during every stage of life, whether you’re a lifetime member looking to stay active, you’re a young adult looking for a like-minded active lifestyle community, or you’re starting a family and need options for your little ones. Because of that, we know that family events and reliable, convenient childcare is extremely important to our membership, so we continue to invest in bringing those amenities to life in ways that feel engaging, relevant and safe for all, from our seasonal member parties to childcare and camps. 

Where do camps fit in to that programming? 

If you are a parent, we know that your life is hectic enough already – and this only quadruples when your kids are out of school. This is why we’re thrilled to offer year-round Kid’s Camps that align with local school vacations, to keep your kids active and engaged while they are out of the classroom. Available for kids of all ages, Bay Club camp programs range from Little Explorers to Multi Sport and Activity camps.  

Where do you offer Kids Camps?

We offer camps across all of our campuses, at 20 club locations. You can find more information on which clubs, and book today, at  

When the team set out to plan camp programming this year, what were your key priorities? How do they differ from previous years? 

Camps are an extremely important amenity that we offer to our family memberships, so the moment that summer camp season ends, we begin ideating and planning for the next year. Over the past year, we have been trying to think about camps differently to make them not only safe and instructive, but also feel engaging, new, and exciting across the board. So, our key priorities when planning 2023 Summer Camps really revolved around three key areas: making parents’ lives easier with simplified drop off/pick up processes, refreshed safety measures with background checks and AED/CPR training for all associates, and diverse, engaging programming. 

Tell us about the new programs that are launching this year… And why? 

This year we’re launching a variety of new programs and testing out activities that will allow our camps to be more inclusive of campers with diverse interests. We’re probably most excited about the introduction of e-sports to our offerings. We decided to test out this concept, knowing that parents may have concerns over screen time allocation, because we wanted to be more inclusive of campers that may be less athletically inclined. This way, we can allow the kids to indulge in something they love, and then get active on our courts when they get to mirror the skills they just learned virtually, in real life. Our updates this year also include Pre- and Post-Camp programming, so camps can fit in with your busy schedule, not the other way around. And lastly, we are looking forward to keeping campers engaged all summer long with our theme weeks, changing every week all summer long.  

Who can sign up for camp? 

Camps are open to every family in our communities! We want to make sure your children have the best summer possible, and that means spending it with all of their best friends. So, Bay Club camps make that easy by allowing non-members to sign up for camps as well. All you have to do is create a free guest account on and purchase your camp session! However, we do want to make sure that our members are taken care of as well. So, this year we are thrilled to offer a 25% discount for camp sessions to our membership.  

Where can I sign up!? 

To learn more, or register for camp today, you can go to! 

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