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Falling in Love this Season: Our Top 10 Date Ideas

Falling in Love this Season: Our Top 10 Date Ideas

Whether you’re planning a first date with someone new or a special date with your long-time partner, fall offers some of the best opportunities to fall in love. For nature lovers, you two lovebirds can head outdoors to appreciate the changing leaves and cool crisp air. For foodies, there are plenty of ways to harvest your own bounty (and then head home to prepare it in the kitchen!). And for the city slickers who’d rather celebrate the season in a more urban setting, fall fashion is calling your name! Plus, no matter which date you choose, you’re sure to get bonus points for putting a little thought and effort into a unique outing.

1. Hit the town together in search of the latest fall fashion. You can even treat each other to an in-season item—maybe you get a great fall hat, and he or she gets a cozy sweater.
2. Visit a farmer’s market to stroll and sample local produce. Be on the lookout for huge bundles of fall flowers, too!
3. Visit a pumpkin patch. Chances are, you’ll probably find a corn maze too! Take a pumpkin home and carve it together. You could even get extra crafty and bake your pumpkin seeds.
4. Go cider tasting. You can do this in the city at bars that serve seasonal drinks, or hit the road to find a small town with apple orchards.
5. Go to a football game! Just do your research and make sure your partner doesn’t hate sporting events….
6. Go apple picking at a local orchard. Then head home, put on a fire, and bake a pie from your day’s fresh picks.
7. Have a sweet tooth? Maybe put your hard-earned basket of apples toward some candy apples instead! This is also a great one to involve the little ones.
8. Go find some beautiful fall foliage. This one definitely requires getting out of the city, but there are some beautiful areas in California that show off their brilliant colors this time of year. Our old reliable destinations include the Sierras and wine country.
9. Find a hayride or a haunted house. Channel the little kid inside each of you and revisit the fun of Halloween when you were little! Plus, you won’t be as scared as you were back then (hopefully…)
10. Search for the perfect pumpkin latte. Most artisan coffee shops these days handcraft their own pumpkin spice latte that rivals the one Starbucks popularized.

Love and fun are always in the fall area at the Bay Club! You could also invite your date to a workout class with you, a happy hour, or a special event. Check your club’s calendar for more information on what we have in store this season.

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