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Do You Want to Build a (Marshmallow) Snowman?

Do You Want to Build a (Marshmallow) Snowman?

Although we don’t get the snow near any Bay Club locations in California or Portland—and when we do on those extremely rare occasions, it doesn’t come close to enough to build a snowman. But for those of us that grew up or have lived near snow, we know how fun, and what a great tradition it is to make snowmen. And we might not have all the tools to make the same type, but we can work with what we’ve got! And it’s a matter of fact, hot cocoa and marshmallows are the best combination this time of year. So grab your kiddos and some simple ingredients this holiday season and start crafting some adorable marshmallow snowmen!

Marshmallow Snowman DIY

Large marshmallows
Wooden skewers
Orange Icing (or mix white frosting with some orange food coloring)
Melted dark chocolate


Place 3 marshmallows onto the skewer. Do not pierce all the way through the top marshmallow (the head of the snowman), but make sure that it is firmly in place.

Melt dark chocolate so that it is smooth. Using a toothpick or the tip of the skewer, draw two dots onto the top marshmallow to create eyes, and 3 dots of chocolate down the center of the middle marshmallow to create buttons. Draw the mouth by adding a chocolate dotted line in the shape of a smile.

Use the orange icing to create the carrot nose, using a toothpick to draw out the shape.

Place the skewer into a cup of hot cocoa, add a candy cane, and enjoy!

It’s the perfect opportunity to ask “do you want to build a snowman?” to those around you. Happy holidays from us at the Bay Club! 

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