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Introducing Our Weekly Family Programming Schedule

Introducing Our Weekly Family Programming Schedule

We are excited to announce a new initiative from our Family Programming Team, Our Weekly Family Programming Schedule! The schedule will be featured in the Daily Bay tomorrow, Sunday, April 12, so keep your eyes out! The schedule is designed to provide structure for your kids throughout the week. Read the below letter from our Executive Director of Family Programming, Stacy Litteral, which explains the thought process behind this schedule and be sure to check your email tomorrow for all the details.

Four weeks. We have been sheltered in place with our children for four whole weeks now.  It feels so much longer, right? When I ask fellow parents, what is the most important survival tip necessary to make it through this time, the answer is almost always—establish a schedule. Building routine and structure into our children’s days is critical to living out the shelter in place with more peace, love, and laughter.

We understand the challenge all parents are dealing with and are thrilled to be launching this new resource—daily schedules outlining specific activities, every hour, allowing you to effortlessly walk through a perfectly balanced day. Activities will be scheduled from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, five days a week, and will include how-to videos, step-by-step simple activities, and some of our favorite shared resources.  Pick and choose your activities or follow along the entire time. It’s up to you!

The Bay Club Family Programming team is here to help make sense around the developmental science behind what a successful schedule can look like for children aged two through 12. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Think about your child’s day. In the morning, just after a good night’s sleep and a healthy and balanced breakfast, isn’t that the best time for some focused activities? Whether it’s academic like creative writing and math or enrichment-based skill building like art that focuses on creativity and fine motor skills, this is the perfect time to engage their little minds in a deeper way.

After completing a focused activity, your children are most likely to be a little antsy. This is the perfect time for physical activity. Getting outside is ideal but active play can happen just about anywhere!  Late morning is a great time to engage in S.T.E.M. or Arts & Crafts activities. Around 11:00 am children have the desire (and the attention span) to discover, create, and build. Lunchtime comes next and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to make it into a fun cooking session or a lesson about table manners or the four food groups.

After lunch, we need to get the post-meal wiggles out with a quick physical activity. This helps our children to digest their food and reactivate their minds.  We love a short family yoga session or a 15-minute kid-friendly HIIT workout. Next, comes some quiet time. If your children are too old to nap, establish this timeframe for a quiet, individual activity.  My kids love to snuggle into their beanbags with a book or listen to a podcast. They almost always doze off for a quick nap anyhow!

As the day moves on, 3:00 pm is more time for enrichment activities and outdoor/active play, especially for our school-aged youngsters who have been busy remote learning in the morning.

Our team of talented and caring associates is working hard behind the scenes to bring you activities to keep your children active, engaged, and most importantly having fun. To make it even easier, we will also be sharing a shopping/supply list each Sunday, with easy to find items from your local grocery store, so you will be ready to go for the week ahead.

We know it takes a village to raise children and The Bay Club family is such an important part of that community. We miss seeing you and your children so much and while we know that we will be seeing you again very soon, we hope this will make your days in the meantime a little bit happier.

Stacy Litteral
Executive Vice President of Family Programming

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